Saturday, January 28, 2012

spitting the dummy

This , I hope , is my only dummy spit for the year.

I don't know about anyone else but I love to read comments on my blog , I really do .
I don't take any for granted and appreciate the time that people take to stop and say hello.
For some time I have gotten hardly any comments despite the fact that my stats tell me I still have 100s of visitors especially to my tutorials that I love to do .
Then I look at pinterest and see they have been pinned a zillion times so someone likes them .

So I adjusted my settings so that anyone could leave a comment , big mistake.

Anonymous thought this a great opportunity to rip into me .
 Anonymous is such a nasty piece that at times I have even considered shutting my whole blog down .
It has gotten to the point where instead of being disappointed at no comments I have been relieved that they haven't been there because it feels like they have stained my cheerful blog .
This may sound a bit silly but it was beginning to feel uncomfortable .
Anonymous is so petty so far they have said ~
 they won't be visiting anymore because I don't do enough giveaways ,
or because I said shit in one of my posts .
 I am irresponsible for posting the chocolate cake recipe .
 Excuse me I didn't know the health of the whole world rested on my blog.
I am also irresponsible for doing the previous post with the pencil tin as some child might hurt themselves getting a pencil out .
These comments from anonymous are the kinder ones it is actually a bit upsetting to think about let alone repeat the personal attacks that have been screeched at me .

Then there are the emails ...... these come into my home , my family could even read them .
I recently had the nerve to reply to a particulary horrible email and was then accused of stalking them.
I'm not up myself but I think I'm a pretty decent person and I don't deserve this.

I had thought about shutting my blog down but ,
 stuff you anonymous this is my blog so I won't !

I will be closing comments after this post so anonymous comment away, be your mean self , I won't be deleting your comment .

Give it your best shot because this is your last .

I would like to go back to blogging for the joy of it instead of worrying that no one is interested or they are a little too interested .

To the genuine people that stop and visit , thanks xxx


Thea said...

Unbelievable! Who are these horrible, gutless people? I'm glad you aren't closing your blog but the reasons you have listed are partly why I don't allow anonymous comments. Nice people don't need to hide. Chin up Clare! xx

Lucky-1 said...

Don't give in Clare, then that/those awful people have won.

I love your blog and would miss it so much.

Jodie said...

Hey anonymous, leave Clare alone , she is my friend and she doesn't deserve this crap.
On the other hand, I am a bitch and will rip you a new one if you don't. I am sick to death of gutless trolls- You know what, write your own perfect blog..go on...and send me the address.
Clare I know it isn't easy to ignore these people, but don't give them the power by censoring yourself. Your blog is a reflection of you and of they don't like that they can shove off.

Margaret said...

I had that experience as well, these people don't have anything better to do. Post what you want and you are under NO compulsion to give anything away. Meet me at Mikes had this problem as well. :-(


CathyC said...

Well said!
Don't let them win!

Mrs Button said...

Spit away, Lovely Clare! What a nasty cowardly act. I love your blog and I love your recipes and tutorials and reflections and the I think the occasional expletive lets us know you're human like the rest of us. Onwards and upwards and continue your joyful blogging. It is valued and appreciated. xxxxx

JellyBean211981 said...

Anonymous is a complete loser! And I won't apologise for 'being harsh' - you have a business to run and a family to support - why should you have to do giveaways all the time? You do a fabulous job of organising craft swaps all throughout the year and do giveaways here and there. Not to mention the little 'extras' you sometimes organise when people purchase your patterns! You also do lots of fantastic free tutorials - aren't they a giveaway??? As for being irresponsible about choc cake - you didn't force anyone to eat it and you're not advocating eating it for every meal. I think that 'anonymous' needs to grow up, think before they speak and take responsibility for their own actions - either that, or, like when a tv show comes on that u don't like, don't watch - I'm sure no one here would openly support the stupid comments of 'anonymous'

Cath Marshall said...

Oh my God - I don't have a blog but read many - I suffer with terrible depression and your blog and many others are what keep me going - I don't comment often but will try to do so more - keep up your fantastic work

mahlimae said...

Hehe Jodie...nicely said. I too am totally over people who apparently have nothing better to do with their time than to either copy original designs or bag them out. Get a life anonymous, life's too short not to be nice to our fellow humans and especially the particularly clever ie. Clare.

mahlimae said...

Hehe Jodie...nicely said. I too am totally over people who apparently have nothing better to do with their time than to either copy original designs or bag them out. Get a life anonymous, life's too short not to be nice to our fellow humans and especially the particularly clever ie. Clare.

Anonymous said...

Seriously!!! I am seething! I feel sich pity for a person who has so much negative energy in their lives, that they feel the need, and have the energy to sit and type away such hurtful, uneccesary comments! Irresponsible for posting a chocolate cake recipe?! WTF???!! Really?! Gee, i hope they dont look at my Pinterest boards lol! I'd be hung up!
Yeah, note to you "Anoymous" (sad little person who cant own up to their comments) - go and use your power for good, not evil, otherwise you'll have to deal with me as well as Jodie!!
BIG FAT HUGS FOR YOU Clare! You rock!!

Anonymous said...

Seriously!!! I am seething! I feel sich pity for a person who has so much negative energy in their lives, that they feel the need, and have the energy to sit and type away such hurtful, uneccesary comments! Irresponsible for posting a chocolate cake recipe?! WTF???!! Really?! Gee, i hope they dont look at my Pinterest boards lol! I'd be hung up!
Yeah, note to you "Anoymous" (sad little person who cant own up to their comments) - go and use your power for good, not evil, otherwise you'll have to deal with me as well as Jodie!!
BIG FAT HUGS FOR YOU Clare! You rock!!

By Hoki Quilts said...

Clare there is too much of this sort of crap happening in blogland at the moment. I imagine those gutless wonders that don't have the balls to sign their name are sad people who have delusions of grandeur and no real quality of life except to make others as unhappy as they are.
Continue blogging sweetie and FB too - we'd miss you if you weren't around.
huge hugs
Miche'le xx

Unknown said...

Ok I admit I'm getting a little teary at all this fantastic support . This has not been an easy time lately with all of this going on , in fact it has made me so very sad .To read the comment from Cath Marshall above makes me even more cranky that someone should do this and possibly drive me to shut this blog down and miss a lovely visitor like Cath , what a terrible shame that would be .Thanks so very much for being here Cath xxxx

Bree said...

oh screw them. blogging is supposed to be fun - your only obligation is to yourself.

and anonymous is either a total coward for not using a name or they're too stupid to figure out how to get a proper login.

Shay said...

Send "Anonymous" over to my blog. He/She would have a shit fit at the swearing that goes on over there. I even featured the F word yesterday.

Clare your blog is one of the highlights of my reading schedule and even though I don't comment on every post I read them all.

This pathetic individual has no life and is mean spirited and small minded.F*** them. Don't you change a thing.

Even anonymous comments leave an IP address...

Wendyb said...

I'm with everyone else Clare....whoover goes under the guise of 'anonymous' is obviously a gutless wonder who wont stand up to their comments! Easy to sling mud when noone can get them. I know it's easy for me to say but don't let them get to you're doing a fantastic job and those of us that love your blog and what you share will always support you
You go girl!
sugary hugs always
Wendy :O) xoxo

Teresa said...

Good on you Clare!! and well said. I have recently been on the end of such awful anonymous comments... one in particular was very upsetting. I have done a few things to hopefully stop this now too, and I also was considering stopping my blog. But my blog is for ME and no one has the right to take that away... hang in there! You have a wonderful blog and remember why you started it in the first place... xx

Jindi's Cottage said...

Go Clare...gutless wonder tossers who don't deserve a forum for their keep doing what you are doing, it is your blog after all, your space not theirs...I seriously don't get where people get off telling others what they can or can't write....

Allison said...

Sigh. There's always one nitwit that tries to feck it up for everyone else, isn't there?

I agree with everyone else, keep blogging cuz you want to, I read lots of blogs but don't comment on a lot of them (sometimes I feel a bit too forward just jumping, a bit like butting in on a conversation and I wouldn't do that in real life so I stop myself on the internet too, which is dumb cuz it's a whole different medium isn't it?)

Look, I'm rambling, I'll stop now.

Don't let the b@st@rds get you down, Clare.

Kate said...

Someone needs to remind Anonymous that if they dont like something, then maybe they shouldnt read it!

I love your blog Clare, and while Im guilty of popping in for a quick read and leaving without a comment, I'd be very sad to see you go. So stick it out, and hopefully Anon goes away :-)

Narelle said...

Dear Clare, As you can see we all love you and i for one love reading your blog and others as they give me a pick up on my down days. So don't let people who have nothing better to do then upset wonderful people. You can tell they are gutless as they won't put there name to what they have to say. Chin up Clare we are all behind you.
Big Big Hugs

Jacki said...

I'm always surprised that there are people out there so determined to see the negative. Why bother posting hatred on someone's blog? If you don't like what you're reading, just click off! What are they hoping to achieve by commenting or emailing you? I'll never understand it. I think it's great that you're not going to let it bother you. Your blog is great, the haters can get lost!

Jacki said...

I'm always surprised that there are people out there so determined to see the negative. Why bother posting hatred on someone's blog? If you don't like what you're reading, just click off! What are they hoping to achieve by commenting or emailing you? I'll never understand it. I think it's great that you're not going to let it bother you. Your blog is great, the haters can get lost!

Joy said...

This sort of thing makes me so damn mad. Please Clare, don't you let 'Anonymous' get you down!! As you can see there are many more people (me included) who really enjoy your blog and your gawjus happy approach to life than this one horrid person.

For goodness sake, get a life Anonymous!!!!

Hugs to you Clare,
Joy xx

Larissa said...

Reading through this post, and the following comments, I went from feeling so bad for you ... and frustrated with Annonymous ... to feeling the warmth that I know blogland to behold!!!
I don't want to rehash what everyone has already said, but seriously Claire ... you don't have to write this blog for anyone but yourself!! Mind you, there are a LOT of us who love reading it too, lol!
Once again, I love your blog! And look forward to reading your future posts! HUGS!!!

Maria said...

I can't beleive that there are some folks that have nothing better to do than be mean.
I really enjoy reading your posts Clare so just keep blogging please.
Maria. XX

Deb R said...

Dont let the negative crash your creative space. Lifes too short to spend any more time discussing their crap....
I love all your posts on facebook/blog etc...I am in awe of your constant enthusiasm and pure sunshine...Keep sharing Clare as we love being included in all that you do!!!!!!
Hugs Deb :)

Marlene said...

Clare this must have been awful for you, but you have alot of support from people who care, so please don't go away.

Cardygirl said...

You are standing up to an overgrown school bully who now lurks in blogland. They certainly must be a sad individual to attack you-all you ever do is share your crafty joy. Forget them, don't step into their vortex of misery!

The Patch Craft said...

Lets look at it another way. This person has nothing better in their life but to post nasty comments. Lets all feel sorry for them as they must be very lonley with no friends.

Keep up the great work, love dropping by and seeing what you are up to.

Melody said...

Please don't give up. You are one of the goodies. Please try to ignore the baddies, I know it's easily said, but it is the only way to cope. When I hear bad things I vow to myself to be extra good to balance out the badness out there. So say 'Poo' to them and keep writing your bright happy wonderful generous posts.

Pauline said...

rude, and obnoxious...thats what they are clare..dont give them any creedence at all..we all love your blog and would be very sad should it go..sooooooo..hang in..its a reflection on them and their inability to even be secure enough to type their own name!! Dont give them the time of day!! sorry this is happening to you...We all love stuff em..I am with Jodie!!!!

Christine M said...

Don't give up your blog Clare. I enjoy reading it. Don't let Anonymous upset you. Just ignore him/her.

ittybittyandpretty said...

oh clare...i feel like such a bad follower...i have been one of your followers for the longest time but i must admit i dont always comment and then there are the times that my comments bounce back ( i think it is something to do with my computer cause it happens on oher blogs too) and lately i havent even had the time to read blogs as the kids have been on there 7 weeks school holidays and i never get any time to myself.
dont ever give up what you do. you are a fab mother and wife and crafter and we need to hear about your days to keep us inspired.
do you remember sending me that 'just because' package many years ago?? i still have it all and treasure it when i see it, i still havent done the stitchery but now that my youngest is in prep i might just find some me time. you, my dear are a treasure, ignore the negativity and embrace the positive.

all my love xxxxrosey

ittybittyandpretty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RobynLouise said...

Clare I don't post a lot but I do enjoy reading your blog.
To the anonymous sociopath:
Ok you've had your 15 mins of fame while we've all posted about what we think of you now POQ back to your shrink you poor miserable excuse for a homo sapien!! Maybe with help you can have a life like Clare's that you seem to be so jealous of.

Jane said...

I, too, enjoy reading your blog and hope you'll keep going! I don't often leave comments, but I can't imagine why anyone would ever want to leave a mean comment on someone's blog!!! For heaven's sake, just go on to another blog if you don't like the one you're reading. Life's too short for that kind of stuff. Please take heart and continue with your lovely work :)

Elizabeth said...

I cannot believe what I have just read. You are better than them. Not enough giveaways - some people want everything for nothing. Child could hurt themselves getting a pencil out - They could also fall over and hurt themselves. I could go on.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apple Avenue Quilts said...

My goodness Clare! I love your blog and read it all the time. It amazes my how some people can be so hurtful. They must be terrible unhappy to choose this way to build their egos. You are so talented and fun, I hope you don't let this person make you stop. As for giveaways...who ever said that's a requirement. You have a wonderful giveaway every time you share your talent and personality!

Terri's Place said...

I don't think I can add much to what has already been said. I don't post much on anyone's blog but I want you to know that I really enjoy your blog, Clare, and stuff anyone who doesn't like what you do. Bet your dummy spit has lifted your comment quotient though ;)x

Kelly Casanova said...

It seems as soon as a blog begins to get popular enough these attacks will happen. Perhaps it's a hobby to some people (considering some people are really screwed in the head!)
When I make commenting easier on my blog it usually results in porn spam, yuck.
It's such a pity there is so often someone who will spoil a good thing.
I hope it stops.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Sorry to hear of your recent experiences Clare. I have been an avid follower of your blog for years and even though I don't get around to commenting as much as I should, I really appreciate your projects and always get a lot of inspiration from visiting your lovely blog. Keep up the good work:)

Ellieboo said...

Clare - ditto all the wonderful comments above. Don't let them get you down - lack of comments doesn't mean lack of readers. And as for anonymous - words fail me - what do they get out of it, I just don't understand.

I hope you carry on.....Amanda xox

Lisa said...

You must now feel wonderful with all of the very supporting comments you have received! I really can't understand why people do this and you know what, I don't really care because they really are nothing. Please don't let these 'nothings' stop you doing what you are doing, I love reading your blog and so do lots of others by the comments left here!

heartsease54 said...

Clare, some people are just not able to be happy-either for themselves or someone else. They can only feel human by tearing someone else down. I feel sorry for this person who obviously needs to get a life. I don't imagine that they have anything nice to say to or about anyone. How sad & colorless their world must be.

Janice said...

There seems to be a bit of this happening lately. Whatever happened to "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything"? I must say that I am guilty of not commenting all that often, but I certainly love visiting your blog all the time and don't want you to change a thing. These nasty, gutless people, who won't even admit to their name, obviusly have too much time on their hands and if they don't enjoy your blog should just not visit. Don't feel bad for having a dummy spit and keep your chin up.

Jo said...

Good on you for not giving into them!! Thanks for blogging - obviously many of us love following :-)

Liz said...

Clare-Continue on with your fun blog. Anonymous needs to grow a "backbone".

Jan said...

I don't understand why someone thinks it's okay to make you and other bloggers the target of their mean-spiritedness. Good on you, Clare, for not giving in. Your blog is lovely and there are so many of us non-Anonymouses who are devoted fans. Please keep blogging - and keep smiling.

Sarah Lou said...

That sux.
Ive always had my blog open to annon and the worst i have ever gotten was a bit of spam ( thank god for bloggers amazing spam catcher) Ive never thought or heard of such meanness.
Those people dont deserve your pain. How sad must their life be to spent time thinking of horrible things to write. Sad and jealous.

Anonymous said...

Oh Clare I'm so sorry. I can understand you want to stop blogging, but this way those small, nasty, narrowminded anonymouses (is that even english? LOL) win.
I always think these people must have a very unhappy life and the only way that they can make themselves feel better is to make as many people as they can unhappy.
Just ignore them, don't answer because they'll always find something else to say and hurt you even more.
If you put your comments on moderated they won't have the 'satisfaction' to see their cr** on your blog.
I hope you'll feel better about it soon. I'l try and better my life to write a comment more often because yours is one of the blogs I really love to read.
Dutch hugs

sara said...

I've only been reading your lovely blog for a short time Claire, but I know how you feel as it happened to me a couple of years got so bad I deleted my blog and now I blog under my late grandmother's name and use comment broke my heart when I closed my previous blog and the whole episode was so depressing. All I can say is this person must be so jealous and spiteful, and have nothing better to do with their time.

lily x

Unknown said...

OMG! Sorry you have been Treated so Badly..and You are Right it is Your Blog and You can write whatever You Like..
There's a few of Us that would give them what For if we knew who they were....
Chin Up Don't let it get to You.

simplestitches said...

Hey Clare,
please don't give up your wonderful blog just because of a loser like Anonymous....
I agree with all of the other comments (especially Jodie aka RicRac...and I'd help her rip them a new one if she wants the help!)....obviously this person has nothing better to do with their time than leave stupid comments...GET A LIFE!!!

Just keep doing your blog your's just that YOURS!!!
as for the giveaway have wonderful tutorials on here...that's a giveaway of a different kind, and one that I amongst many appreciate...

Your creative, clever and very kind to share your life with us fellow bloggers!

hugs Julz

Danielle said...

set your comments to moderate so that you can delete the stupid ones!

makes you wonder what sort of miserable lives these anonymous people lead to make them want to spread misery. Bugger them.

we create, we share and we care and those negative people can keep their opinions to themselves.

keep blogging Clare - we love to visit x

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Sorry to hear things have been bad for you in Blogland. I've been a bad commenter too sorry. I haven't been able to leave messages on certain blogs until very recently, there always seems to be problems I'm waiting to sort out actually.

I can't believe the comments you have received! I never got anything grotty in my time of posting. Some people must have too much time on their hands or something.

Keep going and ignore such people. This blog is yours to do what you want. Enjoy it.

Jeni said...

Good on you for not giving in.....i thought blog people were loving and kind to each other........not nasty as showing......
hope they see your support... and go and have a hard look in the mirror
......keep up the good work Clare

Deb said...

Just echoing what everyone else has said. I enjoy your blog too and it saddens me to think there are such nasty people out there. Stay strong and keep up your fantastic blogging. xx

Anonymous said...

Chris from NZ said ...

I always am anonymous on blogs because I don't operate one myself...

but I always leave my name and where I come from ....

those who hide behind Anonymous by not showing any details ....

well they are not worth your energy in worrying about them ...

all the lovely people that leave
encouraging comments ...well they are worth gold ....

Chris in Wellington N.Z.

Marrissa said...

STUFF EM!!! I love your blog, and I haven't read the 51 comments before mine yet but I bet they are all positive messages about how much they love your blog too! Keep being you, and change for no one - especially someone that hides behind 'anonymous'!! Big loves from The Garden xx

Make-do Mum said...

I really like your blog and your projects. I'm sorry you have encountered haters :(

MLM247 said...

Please do not stop blogging and please do not put an end to the comments. There must be a way you can ensure that comments come to you for moderation before being accepted. Perhaps start a special email account for this. Yes, there are some nasty types out there. There might be a way that anonymous posts are never accepted. The only good part is that they can read and write in English. If they did not like your writing they would not read it to the end where the comments are!!!On the other hand you are reaching an appreciative audience when you blog. You do not need free stuff to win followers. You only need to reach certain nice people who share your interests.

CurlyPops said...

Gosh it seems there are quite a few people who have been getting horrible anonymous comments. Why do people waste their time doing that? It just makes no sense to me.
Please keep up the crafty goodness Clare. Don't let the nasties put you off!

Unknown said...

Obviously these people making these rude and nasty remarks are losers.

You should be proud, seeing all those poinsettias, carrots and daffodils (and other stuff) pinned all over pinterest.

I'm laughing about the concern about the pencil tins. How are the pencils around the outside more dangerous and stabby than the ones inside the tin?

As for the chocolate cake recipe, I guess in the interests of other people's health, we need to keep our recipes secret from now on, and if people want to eat cake, they are going to need to buy it instead of making it in their own home with your lovely recipe.

Don't stress about people not commenting. I have a really popular (by my standards) tutorial on my blog, I think it accounts for nearly half the visits to my blog. It's been pinned and re-pinned numerous times on pinterest. It gets visited every single day. Numerous times. One comment. Lots of people using it, not a thank you amongst them. It's still nice to know that my tutorial is helping people though.

I'm sorry that somebody (or somebodies) is making nasty anonymous comments to someone as lovely and sweet as you. They must have a horrible, horrible life being so mean.

Unknown said...

Hmm.. distinct lack of comment from the cowardly anonymous ...

I understand completely how upsetting this can be but beware of getting this out of proportion !! However distressing it is to be flamed, these anonymous people are NOT in your home and exist and hide here on the interweb ... If you put yourself out there you have to be prepared for the fact that you leave yourself open to every nutter with an internet connection and nothing better to do with their sad sorry lives.

... change your settings back so that we have to login ... you don't need to have a blog to comment ... just a valid email addy ...

And IGNORE small minded stupid comments ...they say much much more about the COMMENTER than the actual POSTER!!

I don't always have time to comment but I always read your blog and live your creativity xx

Anonymous said...

well, you see

how many people love you


I know, I'm guilty of lurking, but now here you are, switch of anonymous comments and know you have a huge audience....

love to you,

Vicki @ DottyJane said...

It's all been said, so I'll just send a hug!

NessaKnits said...

Don't worry about them .. they are just spineless so and so's.

Ali said...

I can't believe people can be so shallow. They could at least identify themselves.
I've only just started reading your blog and think it's lovely. I really think the pencil can is fab. Don't let them get you down their not worth it. Keep up your lovely blog.

Ali x

Anonymous said...

Creative people create, those that can't complain!

Chookyblue...... said...

while I have this setting like yours below on I always have the word thingy to verify the comment......I have only got a couple of nasty comments and they were attacking someone else via my posts.......but otherwise I get all those sex links ones or chinese writing with lots of links.......also I find if you moderate comments older then 5 days it helps too........
But there is nothing worse then this rubbish and some people have nothing to do.

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Hi Clare. I feel very sorry that this is happening to you. I visit your blog a lot, it is always interesting and entertaining. I don't always leave a comment though, so will try and do so in future.
I have a friend in the U.S who had a wonderful blog (bluebirdswing) well she closed it down because of the same problem you are having.
These bitches are too gutless to put a name to their comment, and they should get a life and leave us alone. grr.
Please keep blogging you are a real inspiration to every one -your ideas are great and you are one of the most "crafty" ladies I know. Hugs, Sandy.

trash said...

I'll hold Jodie's coat for her and then kick Anonymous once she has 'it' on the ground.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Anonymous is just another word for coward! If your going to 'bring it" Then own it with your name ,email and blog addy I say!
It seems people feel the 'typed" word gives them free range to say whatever to whoever...The whole lot of crap about 'chocolate cake recipes" ect just shows how petty this person is!!! Clare be true to you,You have done so many wonderful things for so many people even ones you don't know (Like my Mum and Dad!)You don't neccessarily have every good deed and random act of kindness on your blog for all and sundry to know about! You'd be accused the of Skiting!...You are a beautiful human Clare do not be poisioned by anothers negativity! Show them what you have by being successful at Happy! xo

Kazza said...

I'm with you - I say srew "Anoymous". Karma is a bitch

quilary said...

Love your blog and 'anon' can go drown in their own nasty little shitiness. The sad little toad/s can be eaten away by their own lack of ability and sadly depressed little life/lives.
You, on the other hand, are a successful blogger, crafter, recipe sharer(...mmm...cake...oh where was I...)and Mum and can fly high with joy at the fun you bring to so many of your followers and readers. Thank you for the laughs you give me and the fantastic patterns that are such fun to make! You are KIND, GOOD and CLEVER. xxx

Unknown said...

OMG Claire I am sorry that you have had to put up with such idiotic people! Please make sure random "anonymous" people don't get to leave you comments anymore because they are just people that don't have the balls to get a response!

Sally said...

OMG! Are you kidding me? You've got a fantastic blog. I love that you post recipes and I love your giveaways too... I've won twice over the past three or so years. YAY YAY YAY I say. But I don't love your blog because of the giveaways and recipes, I love it because you love to make. I like to make. You're inspirational.

Vicki ♥ said...

I wanted to comment about this before but couldnt find the comment button. Clare those sort of people are a total waste of oxygen and it always amazes me that they have to pick on the sweetest people. Your blog is always a lovely and happy and special one to visit and I cant see any thing wrong with anything that you create.
Good for you in saying what you did too. Hugs Vicki x

Stella's Blooms said...

Oh my goodness, some people just have to hurt someone just for the sake of it, and then to be anonymous so\\about it. Use your name, anonymous and let us know who you are!
Clare, your blog is awesome, I will always visit, so keep it going.


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