Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Rug . Much more than just rags.

Jodie from Ric Rac is having a rag rug-a-long .

I read about it and thought
"why yes Miss Clare you can manage that"

Jodie very clearly states it is not a challenge
but just for people to join in and support each other .

Pffft !
Damn right this is a challenge and I am in !

In fact I was so in I started ripping a vintage sheet
there and then .

I ripped and ripped because I was in .

I then rolled and rolled because I was in .

I got myself a fat , chunky hook and went for it .
Hook , pull , yank .

 I was on a mission , the rag crown would be mine .

The whole time I felt I'm in and I'm going to win !
Not only would my rag rug be the best and the biggest
I was also going to finish first .

Blogger was going to give me my own space
because so many people would want to see The Rug .

Pinterest would inform me that everyone loved 
The Rug more than my carrots . 

Martha Stewart would want to fly me over for an interview
and 60 Minutes wanted to schedule a whole program
just about The Rug .

As I hooked , pulled and yanked I thought about
how I was going to photograph The Rug .

I really wanted this for a bathroom rug but no
photo editing program could fix my bathroom
and I couldn't retile the bathroom just for these
photos because I had already priced having The Rug
insured for the trip to visit Martha .

So I thought I would photograph The Rug with my darling
children rolling around on it and smiling.
OK This is my fantasy I know they'd be fighting.

Then I thought about a beautiful photo beside
the river with a lot of vintage crockery
and me looking all glamorous and willowy.
Still my fantasy ok !

I hooked and pulled and yanked until my arms were sore.

 Surely , surely I would win a Punky award as
there could never be anything better than The Rug.

It was finally finished I was in !

My awards speeches were all rehearsed , I notified facebook
to expect lots and lots of new people to my page .

and then I had a really good look at The Rug .

Sorry Jodie , I'm out .


Fiona said...

Good effort..... I tried once and it was such hard work.. . made quite an effective hotpotstand!!! love your story....

Megan said...

ha love this post, very funny! :)

Robyn G. said...

Hilarious Miss Clare....
I feel so tired after all your hard work.
I think you've earnt a 'rest' beside the river :-)
Take the rug and your crockery though... you never know who might pass by :p

quiltygal said...

Actually rolling around laughing here sooooo funny ....I would of managed a drink coaster !!

Kate said...

Looks awesome! Now you just need to make the rest of the set :-D

lily said...

Hilarious, lovely bottom warmer though!

Liz said...

You had me there for a minute.!!! I love what you have done:)

Leonie said...

haha! what a fab post!! too funny.

Jodie said...

I never said it had to be life size..... but I like how it looks anyway..and seriously you did it in record time.

Jodie said...

On second thought, I feel like a bad a-long mother. I failed you... I don't think I even had you on the list.... But I still like it....sorry

Shay said...

Yep and that's why I didn't put my hand up because I would have been super gluing that sucker together....

Anonymous said...

I think you're being far too hard on yourself. I see at least a copper rag-rug Oscar in your near future LOL.
Just call it a rag-mug-rug if anyone asks . Sorry, I'm not beng kind. :-)))
You deserve a 10 for going on till the end. I wouldn't have managed that.
Dutch hugs

Barb said...

I use to make those when I was young but you just now gave me an idea for my fabrics that I want to give away.

sue niven said...

You had me laughing all the way! Great try though! LOL

Maree: said...

You had me Intrigued..Great Post and Well Done I'm with Shay..too hard for my hands...
Looks Great.

Indigo Blue said...

This is such a brilliantly written post and had me willing you to succeed with this "challenge" and laughng at the humour! I like what you have done and would make the chair more comfy also you have an opportunity to add to it when you feel like it.

Sue-Anne said...

I hve been laughing my head off reading this post! Honestly though, I don't think your rug looks too bad sitting on that chair.

marina said...

loved reading all about your rug, can empathise with the enthusiasm and dreams-dreamt and spoiled.
It still looks good, I reckon.