Wednesday, January 4, 2012

lounging about

Summer holidays , kids are home and the cricket is on .

Lots of lounging about has been done .

I feel a little more justified lounging about now
that I have made myself some lounging pants.

These were made from a vintage sheet and
are so very soft and light.

How are you spending the holidays ?


CatNCart Craft said...

I imagine they are cool, which is what we need at the present time. They certainly look comfy. I am enjoying the tennis

Melody said...

I LOVE those lounging pants.

Allie said...

How pretty!! I'm lounging myself, although quite well wrapped in quilts and sweaters and hoods, it's COLD here!

Larissa said...

I am Loving those lounging pants Claire!!! ... Mmm... Might just have to find me some vintage sheets of my own, lol!! Don't know if I'll be able to find any quite so pretty though ... Enjoy your pants ... and your lounging - such a great chance to get lots of hand stitching/sewing done; a good book read; or just a refreshing relax to revitalize tired eyes!!!

simplestitches said...

very cool!

Kate said...

They do look comfy! No time to lounge here, lots of odd jobs to be done that I've put off for too long...

Louise said...

My children have returned to school, Christmas is over, the wind is blowing, a bit of rain, a bit of frost, bare trees and straggly gardens, yes, it can only be the UK in January, worst month of the year. Thank goodness my daughter has her birthday on the 26th to brighten things up.

Jeni said...

how pretty are those pj pants well down love them
happy relaxing

Chocolate Cat said...

Cute pants! not that I need any encouragment to lounge around!!

Shay said...

Ironically Clare, I'm trying very hard not to spend my whole holidays in my pyjamas.

Love those new lounging pants of yours. I have that same sheet stashed somewhere !

Sally said...

Love your lounging pants. I've plans to make my own very soon too. Hoping it will set the tone for the year.

Farm Gate Creations Incorporating Hummingbird Quilting said...

Very sweet lounging pants. We have been busy in the garden these holidays with a few day trips here and there.

Margarita said...

Great pants Clare, I am sure I have sheets that pattern too.

Indigo Blue said...

We make lounging or PJ trousers with our year 9/10 students. we are in fact copying out numerous patterns as we speak for a class of 22. I will be making my third pair and I like to use old duvet covers as well as sheets. with careful pattern placment you can get two pairs out of a duvet cover which is good when working with a group of students. Charity shops usually have a good range and some with vintage designs too. I really like the colour of yours and is that a knitted footstool too in the pictures?

Melissa said...

Beautiful pants :) I keep looking for cool vintage sheets but I must always be too late lol


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