Friday, December 9, 2011

be seated

I've been having a bit of a fiddle with place settings
for my family Christmas dinner .

I finally got myself organised and did teeny tiny
stitches on my dyed doily rounds and turned
them all into a very festive runner .

So , so lucky my oilcloth and doily runner
match my button tree .

I am a hopeless cook so it's just as well
the table will look beautiful as it might distract them .


CurlyPops said...

Beautiful Clare! I love that riot of colour.

Kate said...

Looks great!

CHRIS said...

Your table looks just gorgeous. Whatever you put on those pretty plates will be a delight. Enjoy xx

ps love the button tree too!!

Unknown said...

Hahahah I'll just leave a comment for myself !

Barb said...

I am sure you have alot of eye candy all over your house to distract them...but I am sure you are probably under estimating yourself and your cooking abilities.

Shay said...

I like your thinking Clare. Give them a visual feast for the eyes in case they dont get one for their stomachs.

Sounds like something I should be plotting !

quilary said...

It looks beautiful! Enjoy your Christmas!

Pauline said...

button tree is very cute clare

mel @ loved handmade said...

WOW, gorgeous!


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