Sunday, July 17, 2011

I can't think of a title for this post

We are almost at the end of school holidays here .

Right at the beginning of the holidays
I felt I needed to make the decision to continue
working around the kids and their friends,
juggling two part time jobs ,
renovations and all the other stuff we seem to manage.

Or let something go for just two weeks .

So except for orders I have done no work,
designing or sewing for Clare's Craftroom
for two long weeks .

My girl and I made these cards together
and a bit of scrapbooking and that's it !

I think the break has refreshed me and I can't
wait to get back into it .

In the meantime to kick me back into some
sort of creativity I have started a paperbag swap
over on facebook .
If you are an Aussie interested in a small swap
click over , like my page and let me know .
I'd love for you to join in .

There's only a few days until the kids go back
to school , do you think I can last that long ?


Allie said...

Nothing wrong with taking a break Clare, sometimes you just HAVE to! Your cards are lovely!

Terri said...

Love your cards! You don't know how lucky you are that your daughter joins in with you to make things. Mine didn't appreciate me in any way until she was a Mom herself, and lived 6oo miles away. Now she quilts... and I am so proud!

Indigo Blue said...

A break is very good for you I think. At Easter Sophie and I made a huge batch of cards over 2 day period. Sophie has a nice little collection to last her for about a year.

Cardygirl said...

Nice to have family the cards!

Jeni said...

Very pretty cards.... and also nice to spend family time together...

Posie Patchwork said...

I hope you find your groove back, well room for the groove. I change & chop things all the time, there is just no way i can do it all at the same time, with a husband away for 3 years, 4 children & 4 parts to my businesses, so i keep changing it up, love Posie

4 Lil' Girls said...

Your cards are sweet, my lil girl Ella & i love to make cards at christmas, but seeing these beauties inspires me to do more at other times. Love your blog!!!
Karen :)

Stitchin' time said...

Nice cards and nice that you could make them with your daughter :).