Friday, July 29, 2011

oh look terrible photos too !

I've whined before about my computer problems .
Hopefully it will all be sorted soon and I can
show you some things I've been working on .

If you squint your eyes these photos
might look better .

Now would you believe it my camera is playing up !

These little bags are just so cute
but they look a bit ordinary in these photos .
I scaled down my Catchit bag pattern
and I've been having fun making
little Catchits for little girls .

Thanks to all who have stuck by me.
As some of you know the last 6 months have been
very difficult for me but I'm getting there .

So next time you visit you may just
find inspiration and non blurry photos ,
maybe ..


simplestitches said...

cute bags!
(not showing those to my girls...not yet anyway,)

Vic said...

Hey I don't think the pics are too bad! Some of my favourite photos are blurry. ;)

I know a little girl that would love such a pretty bag... I won't be showing her lest she expect me to make one.

Mistea said...

Cute bags - Lovely colours - Lucky little girls.
Hope the technology starts playing nice soon.

Barb said...

Your bags are adorable!

Jane said...

Love those darling bags - such pretty colors and all ruffly too - how sweet!
I have photo problems too, but figure it's part of learning how to blog :)

BumbleBri said...

I think the photos are fine. I am glad you showed them off! I think everyone has a moment/time when they are pumped to show off somehting and picture quality is wack. These bags are precious!

Shay said...

Ummmmm...nothing wrong with those pictures Clare.

Your mini bags are stinking cute!

You take all the time you need to do whatever you need to do sweetie. I just love reading your posts when you do write 'em.

Jindi's Cottage said...

Darn technology...though the pics look fine to me...the little bags are very cute...glad that you are getting there, you'll reach the destination in your own good time, no need to rush...

Allie said...

Blurry or not, your Catchit pattern remains a favorite of mine - I love them!

Posie Patchwork said...

It's so pretty & fun, love you & your work Clare, love Posie

Scented Sweetpeas said...

aahh those bags are lovely!

Jenny said...

They look pretty cute to me - and nothing wrong with the pics, either :)

Lainie said...

My first ever visit here...lovely blog and you're so funny...and nothing wrong with the pics, they look fine and seriously CUTE!

Anonymous said...

These bags are adorable, Clare! Great new idea. *grin*