Friday, February 4, 2011

vintage sheet fabric giveaway

Doesn't this print just make you smile !

I found these in my local Vinnies the other day ,
two single bed sheets in beautiful condition .
To be really very honest with you I have enough
trouble cutting up one sheet let alone two so
I thought I'd better give some away to
someone who can really use them .

This will be the first time there is going to be
a catch to one of my giveaways , are you ready?

I would like you to tell me what you would do
with a metre of this fabric .

There are 2 pieces being given away so 2 of you
can have some , yay !

I can't wait to hear what you would make with this .

All welcome , I'll tell you the winners in a few days .


Lucky-1 said...

Oh what darling fabric Clare. Me I'd make a library bag for my grandson...and he's not due until

Helps to have a Nanna who is thinking ahead.


BubzRugz said...

Georgeous fabric - what a great find ... I love Rugz for Bubz so it would definitely go towards that... with borders of those happy primary colours.....
thanks for the chance...

Yvonne Nicole said...

Oh how cute!! I'd make myself a sweet little skirt with it!! :)

Unknown said...

Comment here for Claire Hilton .

Maria said...

I would make it into a quilt for charity. Would make great borders.

Anonymous said...

tooooooo cute, and how generous of you, Clare !
When seeing this lovely fabric, I immediately think of my baby grandaughter, LILY (4 months old), and about the lovely quilt I could make for her ;>)
Crossing my fingers (and toes) I could be the lucky winner...

In friendship,

Sue Niven said...

This is such delightful fabric, I would use this towards making clothes for the 100 toys i am making for charity this year.

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Hi Clare, what a kind and generous giveaway! Do not enter me in the draw, I don't have any little ones to sew for at the moment (still hoping tho) :) Good luck to all of the ladies who have entered. Hugs, Sandy.

quiltjude said...

I run a family day care business, all the children would just love something made out of this material, a cushion maybe? we would treasure it always :) Jude

chrisartist said...

I love your gorgeous fabric. It reminds me of a painting I once saw and inspired me to make a little song up for my day care centre. Thanks for the memory.
I hope you choose someone who will share the fabric with children.

Anita said...

Hi Clare, What lovely fabric that is. I would make a coat for a doll and include it in a library display I am in the process of making. The subject is the weather and rain, it would be a very nice addition to the display. Kind regards, Anita.

Louise said...

I would make it into bunting and/or a matching floor cushion for my 3 little boys' bedroom, the colours match their room, and we get a lot of rain over here in England so it's perfect. Thanks for showing us the fabric, it does make me smile.

Gill said...

I'm making a bag for my daughter - this would be the perfect lining and there would be enough left over for a coin purse too!

Joan and Kevin said...

Love the fabric. Thank you for the giveaway.

chook said...

Hi clare I think the fabric is beautiful I am collecting kiddy hankies to make a little quilt and this would be so cute for the backing or borders
please enter me in the draw hugs Beth

peggy said...

What adorable fabric! I would love to make my 5 1/2 month old Grandaughter a snuggly quilt for her afternoons at Grandma's. Here's to hoping!

peggy said...

I keep trying to leave a comment, but...Here goes again. This is the cutest fabric!I would make a soft snuggly quilt for my 5 1/2 month old Grandaughter, for our cozy afternoons spent together. She's as precious as the print!!

Unknown said...

What a lucky find! You are very generous to share! love Annie x

Diva Kreszl said...

this fabric is just too precious to cut so I would use it as the back side of a quilted trhow so you could see the pattern in full view!

arlette said...

The fabric's a cutie patotie!!!!, I'll make a quilt for my BBF who's pregnant with her 2nd child, she's high risk and her first and second kid are going to be a year appart if everything goes well!

annemarie said...

I would love to use this fabric to make some pillows for my little grandsons - would match their blue room.

nicoledemana crafts said...

omg what fab fabric yes it made me smile it would make a super gym bag for my grandson Leo he loves puddles we can not kepp him out of them lol thanks for the chance ttfn Nicole

Shay said...

How sweet s that sheet Clare! What a fantstci find. I'm not officially entering just wanted to pop in to say Hi! Im sure someone else could do something that will give that beautiful print a second life.

tarabu said...

I'd probably make a log cabin with blue and yellow solids

Catherine said...

I've been lucky lately, so I don't want to enter, but just wanted to say how lovely that fabric is!

Bellgirl said...

What a gorgeous find! I'd use it for the lining of a red raincoat and sou'wester!

Anonymous said...

Hey,lovely sheets =o).At the top of my had I thinking cushion cover and little girl's apron.Lovely giveaway.


JuneBug said...

What a find! I would definitely use a portion of it for a quilt I am planning: April showers bring May flowers theme. It would be perfect!

Sarah Craig said...

What cute fabric! I'd probably use it in one of the baby quilts we make for newborns at our church!

quilary said...

I honestly don't think I could cut it up either - some things are just too cute to cut!

Rachel said...

Ooh what a find! Count me in. I think I'd use it to cover a pin board for my kids craft area... or maybe my sewing room!

Kathy H said...

I think it would make a really cute pillowcase for the Pillowcases for kids with cancer group.

Photography said...

Oh!! It's lovely. I would use it to do some more applique as I have just discovered what fun it is. And try a bib too. Fingers crossed :-) Adding to my side bar too. Thanks!!

Unknown said...

I would make a vintage dress with matching belt out of the sheets :) Thanks for the giveaway,
nafairbank (at) gmail (dot) com

karlyn Jackson said...

I'm thinking library bags for the boys or some cute 3/4 pajama pants. lovely giveaway.

BusyBsewBiz said...

I think this fabric needs to be the inside lining of the bright red hooded jacket I am making (once the weather is cooler) for my littlest cutest 1 yr old cousin for winter.

Miss Muggins said...

I would love to use it to make a panel for the wrap skirt from Pip's new book (Sew La Tea Do). I am partial to old sheets, having once made a tunic top which I wear lots!

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