Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I love hearts !

I do love hearts !
With Valentines Day very soon there are
hearts everywhere I look .

My husband and I have never exchanged Valentines gifts.
Not only because he's not the romantic kind
but that it is not an occasion celebrated much
in Australia despite what the card and chocolate
companies would have you believe .

As someone who has lost both parents to heart disease
I decided that the money that I could spend
on a gift would be better donated somewhere worthwhile .
What better place than The Heart Foundation .

This really makes my heart feel good .


Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

I think that's a lovely idea Clare. Money better spent for sure.

I leave Valentine's Day celebrations to the teenagers. I'd rather my husband surprise me spontaneously than on a commercially nominated day.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Unknown said...

Good to hear. My husband and I believe in spoiling each other everyday (not with gifts) but just loving each other every day than one big celebration. Plus we don't like being told by companies on what we should and shouldn't do. Charmaine

Five Roses-Prim and Pretty said...

Love these claire.....xxx

Shay said...

Beautiful hearts and a wonderful way to celebrate by donating to a worthy cause.

We dont do V -day here either!

Cate said...

We don't *do* the hallmark holidays at our house either - but I love your idea of donating to the heart foundation on valentine's day. Actually, they should take this up as a mareting strategy...it's a wonder they havn't already thought of it :-)

Jan said...

What a wonderful idea, Clare. Stupid of me not to think of it myself considering my mum died as a result of a major heart attack three years ago. We don't go in for those commercial celebrations at our place either.

Joyce said...

That's a much better way to celebrate than spending money on commercial promotions. I love that last heart.

Allie said...

Your hearts are so pretty, Clare! I don't celebrate Valentine's - too much Hallmark advertising, just another way to spend money. I lost several family members to heart disease - good for you on donating!

Susie said...

A fabulous heart and a wonderful idea, I agree with above too much money spend on expensive cards, the money would be more appreciated by The Heart Foundation. x

susie xx

Maria said...

Beautiful hearts Clare and a great cause. Like you I ost both my parents through heart problems.

Anonymous said...

Clare thank sooooooo much for my pattern it is sooo adorable and thank you for the extra goodies too!!! I have wanted a caravan since I was 7 and now I FINALLY have one, thank you so much xxxxxxxx

Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

Beautiful hearts!

apple blossom said...

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one with a hubby that isn't the romantic type. Hugs

RobynLouise said...

Heart Foundation is my favourite charity to donate to as heart problems run in my family so I figure it's an insurance policy for myself and my kids :D!
I love your crocheted flower heart!

Sarah said...

VEry good thinking - avoid buying chocolate and instead donate it to a very worthy cause...

Indigo Blue said...

Hi Clare,
A few years ago some of my younger students produced some cross stitch cards using designs supplied by the The British Heart Foundation in order to raise money for the charity. I still have pictures on my classroom wall to remind me of this.
Love the designs you have created here, blue is my favourite colour and the crochet flowers are lovely.

Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

Ah ha! HEARTS here too.
LERVE the doily collection and the framing. What a fab idea. Make me want to run out and collect doilies.... but for sure they would indeed stay in the cupboard until deaths door. Better to stick to wool.

Anonymous said...

Kind heart and generous soul.

Thanks for calling in to my blog and for your kind words!

Happy creating.

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