Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesdays Treasures

My treasure for this week is my lovely crystal necklace .
It originally came from someone in my mums family
and somehow I ended up with it .
I do love things that sparkle .
I wore it on my wedding day with the blue dress that I made but
I won't count my dress as a treasure as I changed my mind
ten minutes after I finished it and didn't really like it
but it was a little too late .
The day before your wedding is not really a good time to start making a new dress .

The handsome man behind me is my oldest brother Patrick ,
I'd like to count him as a treasure too as he is just the nicest man and I think he's wonderful .

Please don't bother looking for this frisky young girl .
Her body has been taken over by some crazy grey haired woman !


Jo in TAS said...

I bet you really don't feel any older on the inside!

Vicki ♥ said...

I too have some necklaces like yours and you looked gorgeous on your wedding day and so did your dress. I take my hat off to you for making your own wedding dress. Hugs Vicki

Rebecca said...

I'm with Jo age is just a number its what you feel inside that counts. You do look lovely in your new dress
Hugs Bec

RG said...

Oooh I love your beatiful crystal necklace too and all things sparkly!!

It's sooo nice to see your face!!!

Sue said...

Your crystal necklace is really lovely as is the beautiful bride. I'm sure she still has some "frisky" in there when she needs it. I'm off to seek out a treasure to show now. Thanks for doing this each Tuesday. I love it.

Kathy said...

Gorgeous necklace, and what a lovely photo... so nice to finally see you!
Have a great day,

Janice said...

What a lovely treasure. It looks lovely with your wedding dress. Something old, something new and something blue. What was borrowed?

BubzRugz said...

The necklace is so pretty and sparkley and goes so well with your dress. I do admire you for making it yourself - well done, it's so pretty.......
Funny, the same thing happened to the shy little thing that wore my dress!!! What a strange co-incidence!!
Thanks again for hosting Treasure Tuesday........... Hugz

manda said...

Oh Clare, how lovely you look! What a beautiful bride you were! I bet you look and still act the same, just with a little silver in your hair. A gorgeous necklace, it is just wonderful! I have the same rose pattern on a doily too, under the necklace!
Love your boquet! (I did a brides treasure today as well!)

Allie said...

Beautiful necklace - you wear it well!
We really need to do something about all these seniors that are taking over our minds and bodies. It seems to be epidemic.

Cheryl (aka Kayly) said...

Snap! I did my post before looking and linking to your post. I choose my wedding dress as this week's treasure. It's a lovely photo of you.

Joy said...

Love the necklace Clare, so pretty. And don't you look gawjus on your wedding day, I bet you still are today ;o)!!!
Joy :o)

Teresa said...

Clare your necklace is beautiful and I am thrilled to see a photo of you. I love seeing what other bloggers look like. You looked gorgeous on your wedding day and it's such a great photo. Thanks for sharing xx

Liz said...

Clare--I love the necklace and wedding photos.Absolutely gorgeous dress and bride. Great fun!!!!!

Sheila said...

Clare, that is a lovely picture and the dress looks wonderful as well as the gorgeous necklace.

Margaret said...

Crystal necklaces have a certain beauty about them, no wonder you choose to wear them with your stunning blue dress.

marina said...

I think the grey haired women are invading and taking over our bodies. Like aliens! lol
Lovely wedding photo, I love candid shots.

Annabelle said...

Beautiful dress, beautiful girl, and stunning necklace!

Carol said...

The necklace looks so pretty and sparkling,matches with your dress too.I am glad to see that you made this yourself.Good job keep up the work spirit..Happy to see your face...

Christie Hines said...

Love your Tuesday Treasures...and your blog is such fun too...love your sense of humor...this post really made me lol! You sound like such fun :)
Nice to meet you, so glad you stopped by my blog recently...I'll be following you...hope you have a happy day :)
Big hugs,

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