Monday, September 1, 2014

creative challenge link party

Hooray the day has finally arrived!
I offered a challenge a month ago to anyone
who wanted to play along and sent these brave
crafters a random picture and a random colour.
Their challenge was to create something using these
"clues" as inspiration.
They could use any medium they liked , paint, fabric, wood or glue.
I cannot wait to see what they've done!
Please visit these creative types I know you won't be disappointed.


Jan Quigley said...

Thanks for the challenge Clare, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Jody I LOVE your toadstool bag but for some reason I can't leave a comment on your blog.

Leena said...

Jody´s toadstool bag was so wonderful :)

Debra said...

Thanks for hosting Clare - it was heaps of fun to stretch the imagination and come up with something new. We want to see what you've made!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Clare, for letting me take part in your Creative Challenge. It was a lot of fun and I really do feel more creative and ready to tackle some new projects now...

De said...

What a great challenge!