Saturday, October 5, 2013

coffee? yes please

I was approached recently by Griffiths coffee to do a post for them.
They know me well , I love my coffee!
Coffee is big business and growing rapidly.
Unfortunately as it grows the small farmers are mistreated
and often robbed of their meagre earnings.
This is where Fairtrade comes in.
Under the Fairtrade system producers are paid a minimum price and
the co ops receiving an extra amount to further their communities development.
If the market price rises the Fairtrade price rises too.
Visit the Oxfam site for more info.
Why else would I promote a coffee business on a craft blog?
It's an Australian company and has been since 1879
so I think they must be doing something right.

My decaffeinated coffee arrived and I couldn't wait to have a cup.
Decaffeinated by mountain water ~ tick.
Organic ~ tick.
Ethically grown ~ tick.
Fairtrade ~ tick.
Australian company ~ tick.

This all won't mean much if the coffee doesn't taste good
but the coffee was just delicious!
Yes Griffiths did give me a tin of the coffee to try but
they asked for total honesty and I have to say I won't be drinking
any other coffee from now on .
(Griffiths have called it Just Fair Coffee but maybe they should have called it Just Great)


Noela said...

It's good to see an Australia company. Is it in the supermarket? Hugs........

Cristy Gutierrez said...

Organic decaf coffee? This sound's good, I am a coffee lover and this is something I surely would want to have a cup. Stumbled on your blog while I am looking for a flexible finance solution and ideas to incorporate in my future craft store.

I'll go through the post. There are pretty interesting stuff here.

Teresa said...

Hey there Clare. I am always buying stuff from Oxfam... just love everything they have... but I will be trying this coffee next time I go there or order something. Thanks!
Hope you're doing okay and I've been thinking of you. Thinking of you a lot. Take care of yourself xx