Sunday, February 24, 2013

little hearts and your big hearts

I was so lucky to be a guest poster on One Artsy Mama
where I shared this tutorial for little hearts .
Since then a few have asked if I could repost it here
so they could keep my tutorials altogether (how nice !)
Well here it is ~
These little hearts are so quick and easy to make in any size
and they have a little pocket for your love notes so
you can send messages any time you like .
They also might be cute for popping in your little ones
lunch box with a sweet note from Mum xxx
The ones here are only about 2" but you decide how big
you would like yours and trace your heart shape onto cardboard.
There are 3 pieces of fabric ~ front , back and pocket .
The pocket piece has the top edge pressed down before
sandwiching between between the front and back pieces.
Trace your heart shape on .
Stitch around leaving a gap for turning .
Cut out heart shape and clip and snip .
Turn right side out and stuff very lightly .
Neatly stitch the gap closed .
Pop a little note in the pocket .
These should take you 10 minutes to make tops .
So you can make a pile of them and everyone will know
you are just lovely !
As I don't do Valentines I give a donation each year
to the Heart Foundation and this makes my heart feel really good.
EDITED  Since this post was published on February 14 I have been contacted by
a few amazing blog readers who have said they don't do Valentines either
and are going to use my idea of making a donation to The Heart Foundation.
I am so humbled to think that my little blog could influence some
in this way and I am so touched .
Thank you very much x 


Deborah said...

Your hearts are so lovely :) thanks for sharing your tutorial.

Bee happy x

Barb said...

wonderful hearts

Ladybird Diaries said...

Gorgeous wee hearts. Thanks for the tutorial.
M xxx

quilary said...

Thanks for sharing your <3s - they are lovely :)

Stella said...

They are so sweet, Clare.

Chrissie said...

Thank you for sharing your tutorial on these lovely little hearts. Couldn't wait to make some but I filled mine with lavender, very cute. (I did link back to you)

My Brave True Hero said...

The title suits "Little hearts and your big hearts" on your creation. It speaks louder than an ordinary voice.