Saturday, October 20, 2012

under the christmas tree

Oh my golly gosh the time is flying !
The last fortnight has just been a blur .
How are you ?
Do you thrive on being busy or fall to pieces ?
Have you had a chance to think about Christmas ?
I admit I have been thinking about it a lot but have not
had a chance to get anything done sigh.....
I'll be very happy for you to inspire us all !
Please add your link and maybe you'll get us moving !


Barb said...

Your Christmas Tree inspires me....have you thought of making it for a wall hanging? That is so adorable!

melanie moore said...

There are stockings there but linky decided not to show them :(

Susie said...

ooh scarey I know, i have my new driftwood chrimbo tree up in the store already, not tooo christmassy, but will be adding decs and pressies as the weeks go by.

Hope alls good with you.