Wednesday, October 3, 2012

morning tea with

Good morning Melissa from Ms Midge .

Coffee or tea ?
   Weak black tea with one sugar in the morning - but Jarrah hot chockie in the evenings!
What is your business ? What do you do ?
  My little "hobby business" is Ms Midge! I sew a variety of yummy goodies, but mostly now make little girls clothing.
How long has it been going ? How did it start out ?
  I started out in late 2010, making art smocks and library bags for the kids at my children's school. I then began getting orders outside of that circle and it just sprung from there. I've made a whole lot of different bits and pieces, but find it most fun to try new patterns using gorgeous prints. 
How do manage around your family ?
I only have the youngest of my four children at home, and she is four. So when I want to sew, she is generally happy to amuse herself, or she will come in and "help" me. I also work part time, so having full days to get projects and orders completed are pretty rare. I basically just fit it all in when I can.
Do you make things and sometimes keep them for  yourself ?
   Quite often! When I use a pattern for the first time, I generally make it in one of my girls' sizes, so that I can check the sizing. On many occasions they have asked to keep them, and I have said yes.

What is your favourite craft ? 
Sewing! I used to do a lot of scrapbooking, but found that I needed big blocks of time to be able to sit and get what I wanted done, which just doesn't happen.
Describe a normal day for you ? 
  A normal day starts around 7am, getting all four kids out the door to school or swimming, then returning home to clean up before I can get stuck into whatever it is I am creating. I could spend hours looking for fabrics, but once I see something I like, it's ordered and on its way. I can also spend hours working out fabric combinations and sizing choices. I like to get all my sewing done by the time school finishes - but it doesn't always work out that way!
Are your designs your own ? 
Nope! I use a multitude of different patterns, from all different pattern designers. I would love to be able to design my own patterns, but am not confident. I alter patterns to suit what I want and to make them a little different!
Tell us something quirky about yourself ?
  I am a serious creature of habit! I eat the exact same thing for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea every single day. My workmates think that is very bizarre! I also do not like melted cheese - a fact that shocks many.
What are your plans ? How much further do you plan to take your business ? 
I'm more than happy where my little business is at present. I honestly couldn't do much more than I am doing now without burning out. I want to continue enjoying doing what I'm doing, without it becoming a task or something I HAVE to do.
Where do you sell ?
I have a website but just don't have the time to keep it up to date at present. So I mainly sell on my FB page where customers can find ready made items as well as custom order options. I also have a blog which is a mix of personal and sewing -
Thanks so much for coming over for a cuppa Melissa .
Another fantastic crafty girl next week , seeya then x


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