Thursday, July 5, 2012


Welcome to Nic James from Yardage Design .
When I was thinking of this post I wanted to be very honest about it all
and tell you truthfully which of all her handprinted delights was my favourite.
Well straight away I have failed because I just cannot decide .

You really will just have to decide for yourself .

I do know that when her Retro Spice Canisters teatowel first came out
I snapped one up for my sister's birthday who informed me there
was no way she was drying up with it .
My sister had her teatowel framed and it just looks fantastic !

Of course who wouldn't want to make gorgeous bunting and
take all the credit for it and have most of the work done for you !

Thanks to Nic for being my first sponsor !
You can find Nic's work here .

If you would like to be a sponsor here please click on the advertising tab
at the top of this blog , I'd love to hear from you .


Carmel Morris said...

I always thought that bunting was the cleverest idea. The agapanthus print is great and I wouldn't be drying my dishes on the retro spice canisters either.

Deborah said...

The bunting idea is great :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Ali said...

What lovely designs. The fabrics are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Ali x

Mrs Smith said...

That fabric is really gorgeous!

Amanda said...

I have always loved the aggies in that purple colour way.

quilary said...

Huge congratulations on your first sponsor. I love that canister tea towel - you know I won't be able to resist heading to her shop now, don't you?

yardage girl said...

Thanks for such a lovely post Clare!

Sharon @ Funken Wagnel said...

Beautiful fabrics!

ZippyZippy said...

I have a stash of Yardage Design fabrics and tea towels under my bed in the "special fabrics" box. I have the agapantha's to cover an old lamp shade, tea towels have been bought for gifts for friends, but I cant part with them, I even bought the Bunting panel!
It is a lovely stash though :)