Sunday, July 15, 2012

the unbucket list

I read Chrissie Swan's column on Sunday as I always do .
I love the way she writes and comes out with things,
it makes me feel like I'm chatting with my sisters.
(yes my whole family is a bit nutty )
                                               Her column this week was about bucket lists .
A lot of bucket lists are very unrealistic so Chrissie
decided to do an unbucket list .
She is so my sort of girl !

                                  Really you can throw just about anything on a bucket list
but an unbucket list is a bit more challenging .
Here's mine ~

I will never ...

1.  have another child , that's it no more.
2.  leave Australia . I have no interest in traveling,
backpackers you may begin stoning me now.
3.  sing at The Opera House just because I can't sing a note
really has nothing to do with this .
4. get involved in an orgy (enough said).
5 . be a perfect mother .
6. be stunningly beautiful .
7. be rich (come on Lotto here's your chance to prove me wrong)
8. get sick of hearing my kids say they love me, ever.
9. have a spotless house (maybe I'd have a
chance at that if the internet was broken forever .)
10. shear a sheep . I've worked in shearing sheds and I love to crochet
but I won't be taking it from their backs .
11. be a great cook . I haven't killed my family yet so that's a good thing.
12. I'm with Chrissie , I will not be jumping out of a damn plane .
13. have a completed bucket or unbucket list .

Do you have a list ?
I'd love for you to share yours so if you do please let me know
and I'll come and visit .

This is not a regrets list but a list of things I am happy to never do .

Oh yes by the way regarding my last post , thanks so much
for your comments , messages and emails I really appreciate it.


Jessica said...

Loved reading your list! What a fun idea!

Marg said...

That's a great idea.
I still miss Chrissie in the mornings on radio on the Sunshine Coast.

Kelli said...

Interesting, I mentioned recently how I don't have a bucket list or any idea what to put on one .. THIS I think I could do though. I'll get back to you :)

Carmel Morris said...

I'm with you. Unless it is on fire, I will never, ever jump out of a plane.

I missed your last post, but now I've seen it I hope all is well, and that's a lovely ripple blanket :)

barb's creations said...

Happy to see you back....Me I'd never bungee jump from anywhere!,never move too far from my family & never take my sister for granted,These are just a few things on my un-bucket list.
Chrissie is now on 104.3 gold fm if you can get it on the internet?? :) Barb.

trash said...

another great take on the bucketlist idea. Domesticali came up w the thimblelist last year. Achievable things like - day out w the girl child or spend an hour kicking a football @ the park with the boy one.

Sharon @ Funken Wagnel said...

It does sound a lot more realistic!

Kate said...

That article had me giggling like a school girl yesterday :-)

Though I'll admit that skydiving is on my list of things to do!

Liz said...

Love your bucket list(HA) There would be no chance of me jumping out of a plane as I would not be in one in the first place.:)