Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I never finish anythi

I'm finalising two new patterns .
There are another 3 sitting in the background whispering at me
" come and work on us , come on !"

I was cleaning my daughters bedroom the other day and saw how
much makeup she gets on the floor , another valid reason why
14 year old girls are too young for makeup.

Anyway I decided I would make a mat to protect the carpet .
Not finished.

I also thought the loungeroom needed another floor cushion .
Not finished.

Earlier in the year I joined in (sort of) with Jodie's rag-a-long.
Not finished.

My crocheting I love to do all year round but again -
Not finished.

A pretty stitchery I started one night when it was too hot to crochet .
Not finished .

Sometimes I need to be forced to finish things so I have made a booking
with my printer man for next week for two patterns to be printed up .

I'd love to know how many things others have unfinished .

I'd better go and finish somethi


shopgirl said...

Oh Gosh I am so with you on this one... my other problem is I buy books with every intention to make what is in them... but just the reading of them seems to satisfy and I move on to the next thing. I wonder if with me it is a fear that I'll do it and it won't be as great as I imagined. IT is annoying looking at the piles of unfinished loveliness... so much potential. I think I need a friend to push me on... like an exercise buddy :) Good luck.. I have to say I enjoy your blog :)

Anthea said...

Clare, you're mortal!! I've never seen or heard of a crafter who finishes everything they start... I call it having too much talent & not enough time to fulfil it!

Unknown said...

Oh, I hear you. Great title, by the w

Ric Rac and Polka Dots said...

If I had to take stock of all the things I have not finished I would be depressed. I just think of them as WOP (works in progress) or UFO (unfinished objects) that are waiting in the wings until the perfect moment! I'm glad I'm not alone in this not finishing things. I actually think since I don't have much time I just lose interest as I think of another project I want to do. I have started gathering them up though and putting them in one spot in my new room and ohmygosh, there will probably be more than I can ever finish!

Apple Avenue Quilts said...

I love your post title. It made me laugh. Don't beat yourself up. All creative people have unfinished projects. Our minds just go faster that our hands.

Kelly Casanova said...

This is the story of my life! The brain works so much faster than the hands :)

Vicki said...

I'm always saying "one day I will finish these projects" Well when that "one day" arrives I will have to get up very, very early!!

Mistea said...

Just make sure they are all named so that if the unthinkable happens your loved ones will know you were making them gorgeous gifts.
Hey - true story I got an unfinished embroidery which my granddad had started, from my gran for my 21st. My granddad passed away when I was only 12!

Sue said...

I'm exactly the same and then I had an Astrology chart done. Now I know I'm a triple fire sign and will never really finish anything but I will always have heaps of fun starting new stuff. It's amazing how much stress is lifted when you don't expect to ever finish anything!

Terri said...


Shay said...

I hear you sister !

Sweet Cinnamon Stitches said...

I'm sure for every unfinished project, you would have many finished ones!

Liz said...

WIP's. Wombats,UFO"s. They all have fancy names but they are what they are. Unfinished. Plus there are the ones we still have put away for "Ron"
Welcome to the world of a crafter.
Not to mention the material we HAVE to but for all these:):)

Jeni said...

One morning you will wake and start with one unfinish project and complete...and then go onto the next......nah never happens LOL

Andrea said...

I'm on your team! my list is too long ......i wont even start.This year is to be my year of finishing projects and were already in the third month and err......

Tania said...

May I suggest that is one ripping post title?


Queen of the Dangly Ends Unfinished


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