Monday, March 5, 2012

stuff we like ~ chalk cloth

I must admit I haven't had anything to do with chalk cloth so it was interesting
having discussions with the people that do know about it .

It has become very popular and Pauline from The Calico Crossroads
in Tasmania has to be on her toes keeping up with the demand .
Pauline tells me her store stocks it at $24 pm (120cm wide)
Fat quarters are $6.50.
These prices will vary depending on where you shop.

It is important to prime your cloth before you use it just as
you would a real chalk board .
To prime you run a piece of chalk sideways across the entire surface.
To wipe off drawings again just use a damp cloth .

What is it used for ?

Placemats , menu boards , kids playmats , labels and even here on tshirts.

Little Pickers applique t-shirts.

Play mat from Signed with Love .

Playaway Mat from KelliOne .

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P.S. Thank you all for the lovely birthday messages xxx