Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Here is a very quick and easy way to
to make dull old notebooks more noticable .

Get yourself some daggy notebooks .
These were very , very cheap at the newsagents.

Trace the size of the notebook and add 1.5cm
to each edge . If you are going to make a few
of these glue your tracing to some thin card
to use as a template.
Trim the corners for a neat finish inside.

Use a marker and trace around the template
onto the paper side of applique paper .
Follow the paper manufactures instructions
and press the paper to the wrong side of your fabric .

Use paper scissors to cut the traced fabric out.
Peel off the paper and fit your prepared fabric
to your notebook adjusting as necessary.
Use a hot iron with no steam press
the front and back covers only on .

When you are happy with the covers press
the inside flaps to secure them .

Aren't they easy !
You can always add some applique
or ribbons to these and they can then
be on hand for quick gifts .
Christmas , I'm sorry , really isn't that far off
and you can make a stack of these
in no time , really you can . 


Tammy said...

I don't mean to sound silly but where is tge best place to buy applique paper? Especially if u only want a small quantity .

clare's craftroom said...

Tammy you can buy packets of applique paper at most craft or fabric shops , thanks for visiting !

Posie Patchwork said...

Check you out with this neat trick & tips & even the groove where the book folds open, love your work honey, love Posie

Sarita said...

Sweet! I love 'em!

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

What a fab tute! And easy enough for me to cope with too!

Barb said...

Oh...I just love this!!!

hairfairyclips said...

What a wonderful idea xo

Bee happy said...

Fab idea, thanks for sharing, hubby gave me some notebooks from work may have a go ;)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Maria said...

Thank you for sharing this great gift idea.

Indigo Blue said...

I love the mushroom fabric! Good idea. My hubby actually bought his first Christmas present in an antique shop today. That is a result for him as he is known for leaving things until the last minute.

Stitchin' time said...

I've noticed these dull little books also come as address books and sometimes diaries (no dates) so you could make a co-ordinating set for a friend that would be unique. Thanks Clare, for a great easy idea to add to my Christmas ideas list :)!

The Handmaden said...

They look great, thanks for sharing :)

Kerryanne English said...

Great tutorial Clare.
The note books look lovely.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

bubbachenille said...

I cant believe we are doing this again, I use to do this 20 or so years ago! The fabrics are much nicer in yours than I ever did tho and thanks for sharing !

Joy said...

Lovely jubbly, I can't wait to make some :o)!!!!
Joy :o)

Createology said...

Such a lovely idea and thank you for so generously sharing your techiniques. Great quick gifties.

CatNCart Craft said...

Love the idea of not sewing the covers ... cut and iron, fabulous
Thank you

Allie said...

What a fabulous idea!

Christy said...

wow, the end products are gorgeous! Can't wait to try this tutorial soon. :)

Indigo Inspirations said...

Wow....beautiful and nice and easy....perfect combination. Thanks for sharing xox Jo

Stitchbird said...

What a great idea.

CHRIS said...

I'm going to make one of these today! Love your fabrics too, haven't seen them around here. Happy stitching. Chrisb.

Stitchbird said...

Hi Clare - I made my first one today and I think these could become addictive. Thanks for sharing.

julie k said...

I'll definitely be making some. Thanks for the great tutorial!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a fun project!

Sandrine said...

You are so clever Clare!These looks really neat!Thanks for sharing they are a sweet idea for little pressies Much nicer than anything you could find already made!:)x

kasia said...

Great idea! Thank you for sharing.

Tania said...

OK. See, this IS empowering, even if you've gone and mentioned the 'C' word again. I'm gonna make a stack within the next 131 days.

(yep I just Googled a Christmas countdown and came over all twitchy again).

Sara said...

Sweet book covers and very economical at that:)

Melody said...

Fabulous - clever you.

quilary said...

Clever, quick and relatively inexpensive - that just about ticks all the boxes for me!