Friday, August 26, 2011

daffodil day

Today is Daffodil Day .
The daffodil is the international symbol of hope
for cancer sufferers .

The Cancer Council hopes to raise$ 9.5 million this year.
I have provided the link in case you are able to donate .

If you would like to make some very pretty daffodils which
also happen to be my favourite flower,
I'll be back on September 1st to celebrate
the beginning of Spring in Australia
and give you a tutorial on how I make these .

I love being able to make fabric flowers because I can
have daffodils all year round .
If you would like to make them too pop back
on September 1st and I'll have a million photos
to show you how .


retdairyqueen said...


CatNCart Craft said...

I'll be back for the tutorial, they look adorable. I am off to buy my fresh ones now!
Thank you

Sue said...

Gorgeous Daffs

sandra said...

Looking forward to your tutorial. Bought fresh ones yesterday.

GardenofDaisies said...

Your daffodils are lovely! (One of my daughters favorite flowers.) I'll be back to check out your tutorial!

the dutch purple rabbit said...

those flowers are really nice.

Margaret said...

Bloomingly lovely I'll be back as it has been said before and I am going to try the book covers tomorrow well in the near future.

Anonymous said...

they are gorgeous Clare

Thea said...

I LOVE these. You always come up up with the prettiest creations. Don't forget to let me know about the buttons. Yay or nay?

Tracee said...

I also love daffodils! I have been waiting patiently for all of mine to bloom only to find that the ducks had cut them off at the base of their stems. Not happy!!! So I'll make some of yours instead, then I can admire them all year round. Thanks Clare..

Georgia said...

Its beautiful flower!
I wish you happy spring..:)

Stella said...

Hi Clare,
I love your beautiful daffodils. They are so bright and cheerful. In fact, so is your blog. Great work.