Wednesday, April 27, 2011

help I've been hexed !

As most of you know I am not a quilter .

I have seen hexies around forever and have
never really been interested in doing them
until just recently .

After a bit of chat on facebook I found
 a great tutorial here .Thanks Karen .
I decided right from the start that
only scraps could be used .

The new addiction then began .

There are little bags of hexies ready
to be stitched everywhere !
I even have a bag of them in the car
for times when I'm waiting to pick up kids .

Why do I need help you ask ?

After all these little hexies have been joined
to make a flower then what ?

Surely if I stitch around the edges onto backing
fabric the middle piece will pop up ?

Or if I join all the flowers together how do
I get them onto the backing .

I repeat


Danielle said...


Jeanette said...

Oh Clare. Join the club you've been well & truly bitten. Happy Stitching,

Allie said...

Wow. Well, there are LOTS of tutorials out there, and a few quilt-alongs, I think....someone should have an answer for you, or you could google it. I've never made one and I'm determined I never will, lol!

Kerryanne English said...

I think this is a healthy kind of addiction Clare.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Tania said...

I'm waiting with bated breath for the answers to all those questions - because the hexed thing is but a matter of time over here...

Andi said...

Pick a background fabric and make more hexies with THAT. Then just sew them in between your flowers!!
Hope that helps.
Andi :-)

Nadine said...

Gorgeous hexies ! DON'T STOP !
Keep going making your flowers, then you've got 2 main options :

- sew your flowers together, until you reach your chosen size (either lap size, or single bed, or...). This option will give you a "millefiori" effect (just like those beautiful glass works in Venice - see what I mean ?).
Next step is to choose a border fabric, cut it in four long strips (somewhat wider than necessary) and you will applique your hexies quilt top on them (important : LEAVE your papers in place until done, it will be much easier).
Final step : remove all papers, place your quilt top onto batting + backing fabric. Baste that "sandwich" together... and QUILT IT (of couse you can! ;>)

- second option is to separate your flowers from each other, by choosing a special fabric (plain, for example). You will make lots of hexies out of it, and then sew these either all around each flower
so that they "pop-up".
Then proceed as above...

There are zillions possibilities, it's just up to you and your fantasy.
Here's a link that could inspire you :

as well as visiting "The Great Hexagons Quilt Along" group, of course :

Hope this will help you. Don't hesitate to contact me, I'm here!

ENJOY your hexing!

In friendship,

quilary said...

Fill the tub with them, climb in and enjoy playing with them! - well that's what I would probably do. Or you could do what Nadine suggests...she sounds sensible!

Mistea said...

Hexies actually count as patchwork which is entirely different to quilting and there is no remedy.
Hope you are enjoying your new 'place' and you have good company there!

Patty said...

I love these! I haven't made any yet -- they're on my to-do list -- so I'll just enjoy looking at yours. :)

Louise said...

Ooh lovely hexs. I love them, so much. You have such beautiful colours, I'd just keep stitching them together until big enough and make a stunning patchwork quilt.

Vicki ♥ said...

Oh you have been bitten by the hexie bug too and its so much fun :) Why dont you pop on over to my store and get the Vignette magazine by Leanne Beasley and follow her instructions for doing a hexie quilt....its gorgeous and even tho you are not a quilter (as you say) you would be able to do what she says. hugs Vicki xx

feiane (fe-yan) said...

wow!... so lovely...

feiane from cebu, philippines

Anonymous said...

Oh I love your hexies...unfortunately I am not a quilter so am of no help, but well done you!!

Terri said...

Oh, Clare, you do have a problem. Who got you hooked? They should help you out. I'm not a professional, or qualified to diagnose your difficulty, but I would say that a couch could be in your future...
No seriously, you have been bitten and the salve is in many quilt books. You will do fine. You have so far!

Shay said...

Wonderful hexies Clare. Looks like you've been bitten by the bug. I want to do a hexie quilt but I only have the patience to do massive hexies and they dont look as pretty.