Wednesday, March 9, 2011

more softies - book winner

The winner of the more softies book is .....
Congratulations , please contact me with your details .

In the post below I asked for your favourite
crafty blogs . I received a few but it isn't
really going to be a great big list unless
we have a few more suggestions , hint , hint !

In case you are wondering why Toby is the
photo here , I just thought I'd remind you
the pattern for Toby is available in my blogshop

Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow for My Creative Space.
Also hoping I can have been creative by then .


Gillian aka Silly Gilly said...

Zipedeee dooo dah! I won!! That's soooo ace!!!! Thanks so very much Clare.... sending you my snail mail info now via email. ♥♥♥

Jessica said...

Here are a few of my favs (but there are so many) -

Cate said...

lucky silly gilly!! Still, at least I was in with a chance (a 1 in 48 chance to be precise :-))

Barb said...

Congrats to the winner!

Kathy said...

Congratulations to Silly Gilly, I have this book and just love it! Another lovely giveaway Clare, you are a generous soul:)
Enjoy your week,

Shay said...

Congratulations to Silly Gilly!

I like these craft blogs . Varied enough to be very interesting and clear instructions (which is great for a dunce like me )

mandapanda said...

Yay!!! Well done Gilly, it couldn't have gone to a better person (except me, of course!) ;D I look forward to seeing what you create!Personally I love the lizard pattern....or is that in book number 1...?
Clare, I have a treasure trove of craft blogs! Sorry I didn;t leave any links! Here's a list: (my total favourite blog ever...besides yours...)

I'll share more some other time. BIG HUGS!!!