Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Man oh man !

I've always wanted one of these mannequins
to display all my expensive jewellery
but I didn't like to the way the ends of
the necklaces dragged at the bottom .
All I had to do was place the man
on top of a cakestand and now
I don't have the dangle and I also have a place
to put other little bits .
It looks pretty too !
Clearly it doesn't take much to make me happy .


Unknown said...

That is a cute idea, very creative actually!

Sarah Craig said...

Smart girl!!!

Sophie said...

clever idea! I have one that is made entirely of wire and I love it!

Anonymous said...

How clever is that! How clever are you, Clare!! Don't you love it when you come up with such a simple yet perfectly, brilliant idea! :)

Miss Muggins said...

You will have a large proportion of blogland rushing off to locate small attractive cake stands, all the while saying to themselves "now why didn't I think of that"
I'm off right now to do that!

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Now that was smart thinking!!

nicole said...

great idea!!!
i need to go and find myself a cakestand now!

Sue said...

Such a clever idea.

Unknown said...

Lovely. I love beads. Charmaine

Allie said...

That is just the darlingest thing - I want one now, lol!

marina said...

clever you! It looks quite pretty.

Unknown said...

Great Idea x

Shay said...

Okay very cute. Why hasnt someone thought of this before!

Could it possibly be they arent as brilliant and creative as you?

RG said...

You are a clever chook!!!
I love it too!!
It's so pretty and girly xx

Monika @ Our Homemade Home said...

XOXO from Ireland:)

Bev C said...

Hello Clare,

Very pretty, may I ask who ate the cake?

Happy creating.

Unknown said...

Great idea :) x

One pair of Hands said...

That is so pretty. The cake stand look really glamourous.
Thanks for visiting me.

Indigo Blue said...

What a clever idea!! It is a nice feeling when you solve a problem isn't it? said...

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