Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Soccer Star

The soccer season is well and truly over so you should have plenty of time before the next season to stitch this for your "Soccer Star" . Possibly while you are spending the Summer months watching your "Cricket Star " or" Swimming Sensation"

Soccer Star stitchery pattern is available for $12.00(inc p/h) Contact me for payment details .


Priscila said...

how cute! Our family is from Brasil so naturally soccer is our fav sport!

Derriere said...

Clare did you get this published at one point? I am sure Ive seen it in a mag somewhere? Or did I just see the pattern for sale ! I remember it because my son plays soccer and I was going to be industrious and make something for him to give his coach...it seemed appropriate ! but I was too lazy in the end LOL
But I adore the design.