Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ah ah tissue !

Yes I know I was meant to be sewing my bedroom curtains today (boring ) but how could I ignore the pleas from the local school for a few items for their Christmas stall .

These little tissue holders were so quick and easy and they use up scraps therefore making more room for yes you guessed it more fabric !

If you want to run up a few for Mothers Day or extra little gifts they don't take long at all .

Raid your stash and cut fabric 8"wide x 5"high . Fold the ends in wrong sides facing 1" and press . This is the time to add your extra touch such as ric rac or ribbon . Stitch the folds down .

Lay your stitched piece wrong side down and fold the ends into the centre , press .
Stitch along the short ends about 1/4" .

Turn piece right side out , press and add a small packet of tissues .

Told you they were easy .

Much prettier than daggy plastic packets . Ah ah tissue !


Clair Acres said...

I like that! Very quick and easy and so pretty! Thanks for the instructions.

VoniMum said...

Clare they are awesome. What a great idea! Must remember them for Mother's day stalls. You're a very clever girl!

princess pudge said...

thanks for the tute lovey, they're totally awesome!

Tozz said...

Wow..thanks Clare for that..these are just very pretty and like you say so much better than how they come. My MIL uses these tissues so just might have to make her one.

On my Verandah.. said...

HI Clair..saw you as a follower on my blog so thought I'd pop over & say HI...Thanks for visiting my blog that is lovely to have a new friend.
cheers for now

Kerryanne English said...

Thanks Clare, now I know what to do with all my little off cuts of pretty fabric.

CatNCart Craft said...

Thank you Clare - quick and easy project. Ideal for quick gifts. I have linked to this post, hope you don't mind