Friday, May 2, 2014

day 2 ~ a favourite movie

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This is a hard one for me because I'm
one of those really annoying people who say
"oh but the book was way better!"
in a very snotty, sanctimonious voice.
The movies I liked most was whatever I went
with my kids to see.
Going to the movies when you live in a country town
is a huge adventure.
We would talk about it for a few days before.
We would get up nice and early to prepare.
We would then begin the hour drive to the closest theatre.
If we were early enough there was time
to just sit in the foyer and people watch.
Yes we are creepy people watchers.
My kids would then wait for their brown paper bags.
Brown paper bags?
Whenever we went on a long car trip I would make up
brown paper bags with some lollies and pencils and paper
and sometimes a little toy like a kaleidoscope or a small puzzle.
I would do a little drawing and put their names on the bag
just like my mum did on our school lunch bags.
Anyway I did the same for our yearly movie trip
but it would just be a few lollies and juice
as we all loved to have the movie popcorn.
So while this post really has nothing to do with
my favourite movie it has something to do
with my favourite people , my kids.


Claire Hewitt said...

I do the brown paper bag too - my kids also love it, but I must admit it is more me being 'tight' and refusing to pay movie prices than anything else.

Jodie said...

My favourite badge reads "never judge a book by it's movie".

trash said...

We have the travel thing when it comes to cinema. Funnily enough my favourite movie post revolved around my kids too.

Robyn de Beer said...

So sweet!! They're my favourite people too (my kids, that is, lol) Before I had kids I was just like you and it really annoyed me when movies distorted the story from the book. Now I feel like I'll never have time to read a book again!! x

Mummy Manifesto said...

I always think the book is better than the movie too but there are some movies I haven't read in case the book will ruin the movie (hope you understand that) xx

Sally said...

Precious memories indeed. I'm never any good at having a single favourite anything... it always depends on so many other factors.

Em @ Have A Laugh On Me said...

When we were kids we used to sit in a theatre with tiered seats and wooden floors and eat Jaffas and then when someone sat at back and dropped their sweets they'd roll all the way to the front! I love movies, wish I could go to more! Nice to find your blog :)

Sam Stone said...

You are right, the book is usually better!