Thursday, March 28, 2013

no chocolate easter

I don't eat a lot of chocolate .
This probably offends some people so I am sorry .

I do know I am not the only one ~ some people don't eat it at all !
I made some crepe paper carrots and filled them with popcorn.
They look happy and fun !
They are very , very quick and easy to make . 

Just cut a large triangle from orange crepe paper.
Cut a long strip of green crepe paper.

Fold the triangle in half along the long edges and tape together .
Fill with popcorn or whatever you can use nuts or lollies even .
Pull the top of the carrot together and tape it closed .
Wrap the long green strip around the top and secure with tape .
Cut the greenery with scissors to make it frilly .

So there you go , even if you don't have chocolate you
can still have some Easter fun !


Tammy said...

I eat lots of Chocolate! and I'm not offended at all that you don't :) I set out to make some non chocolate gifts for my Children's teachers ( blogged today ) but I did end up adding a few tiny eggs as well. Your carrots are cute!

Christine M said...

More cute carrots! Such a clever idea.

Liz said...

A great idea. I love chocolate and it loves me so much it stays around.:)I love pop corn too, so this is an interesting way of presenting it. thanks.

Chrissie said...

Great alternative, I can't eat chocolate at all, gives me migraine, even the dark, so I like your idea - thank you

Shay said...

I can take chocolate or leave which also offends some people. Love the carrot idea. Very cute ! You do like carrots though dont you?

Lisa D said...

What a cute idea! ... well I love Cadbury Dairy Milk and I am not offended that you dont eat it.. :-) xx