Sunday, May 27, 2012

no I'm not cross at you

Really I'm not .
I was just going to pop a post up to explain my absence
but a post without a photo is even more dull than my
my blog at the moment .

So because I was going to tell you I wasn't cross I thought
I'd show you some of my very old cross stitches .
I haven't done any for so long and I really use to enjoy doing them .

I don't think my eyes or my patience could manage it anymore .

Are there things that you were very enthusiastic about but aren't any more ?

Anyway now you know I'm still around .

My daughter who has been home sick for two weeks goes
back to school tomorrow and I'm finalising a few things here .
As always family need to come first .

I'd love to have some more recent crafty stuff to show you
but it's either secret or non - existent .

Thanks for sticking around .

I appreciate it .


Jodie said...

Rafia hat making, puppetry, mosaic, wirework, just to name a few....
Glad the illness has passed. See you soon.

Rebekah Dundon said...

Hmm, beading and jewellery making. Still have heaps of stuff too..just not that interested anymore.

Barb said...

Enjoyed seeing your cross stitch....

Sue-Anne said...

I would really love to do a sampler on linen one day but don't think my eyes could cope. Love your hankie curtain from the previous post.

Σοφία said...

I really like your blog and I have on my list.
The small frames are perfect, especially the one with the window is like on a Greek island.
Greetings from Greece.

Bev said...

I use to cross stitch too. Have some lovely large ones hanging in my house still. But yes, eyes and patience have both gotten a bit dull. Also knitting, sewing, crewel, beading and I don;t even remember what else I have tried. The main thing is that I need something creative to do.

sandy said...

Lovely cross stitch. I used to cross stitch also but set it aside for now. I think I've dabbled in almost everything and now I'm into collecting vintage treasures and decorating with them.


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