Friday, April 13, 2012

happy anniversary to us

I've been married 20 years this week .
funnily enough so has my husband .

I made my wedding dress and never really liked it
but thought it a nice idea to frame the pattern I used .

I forgot about a bouquet and used wildflowers from the neighbours yards
and there is not one photo of my new husband and I together .
Lost my shoes at the reception , found them later.
Also forgot we actually needed to leave the reception .
Forgot to plan a honeymoon day .

But you know what , we are still together and happy and that's all that matters.

This is my 450th blog post so Happy Anniversary to me and my blog too!
It seems like I can stick to some things .


Unknown said...

I Think this is the first time I have seen a Photo of You..and a Lovely one at that.
Happy Anniversary your Wedding Sounded like Great Fun...Your Flowers and Dress were Gorgeous..
Happy Blogversary Too...
Thanks for Sharing..

Cath Marshall said...

Happy Anniversary Clare and Mr Clare

Sue said...

That's a great achievement for you, your blog and Mr Craftroom. I hope you're planning a lovely romantic dinner.

CurlyPops said...

Happy Anniversary Clare! What a sweet story. Hope you and the Mr have a lovely romantic day.

Elizabeth said...

Love your story. Congratulations. I think your boquet is just gorgeous

Larissa said...

What a gorgeous photo!! And what memories you have of the day! Lol, they're perfect!!!
Congratulations on both milestones ... 20 years together is fantastic!! Hear's to 20 more!!!

Teresa said...

Wow.. How can there not be a single photo of you two??? I love this photo of you (yeah I remember it once before - and you're gorgeous) I love all the things that happened, the wildflowers especially and framing the pattern is a brilliant idea. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband and congratulations on 450 posts.. You have a great blog Clare. Enjoy this day xx

Pam said...

I've found that flash frocks never do look as fabulous made up as they do on the pattern envelope Clare! Or so I've found in the past. :)
But the photo of you looks lovely and your necklace is beautiful.
All sounds a bit like a comedy of errors don't you think? One of those things that is funny when you look back on it but probably not when it was happening.
Hugs and warm wishes to you and your blog for the big day. x

Kirrily said...

I have a bridesmaid's dress from *calculates* 1993 hanging here that is almost exactly the same as that pattern! The only difference being the neckline is V shaped and there are rosettes on the bottoms of each sleeve - both of which could have been modifications my mother made. Ahhh - the memories. Happy anniversary!

Jo @ indigo inspirations said...

Congratulations Clare and hubby and also for you 450th blog post...huge effort on both parts....Love the sound of your sounds like one I would have had (coincidentally also around 20yrs ago) but we forgot to even get married. Still together too and still happy...quite an achievement...xox Jo

simplestitches said...

Happy Anniversary on both counts...

sounds like a wonderful day...your photo is lovely as are the flowers and necklace...


Jan said...

Happy anniversaries, Clare, especially to you and Mr Craftroom. What a fun(ny?) wedding day you had.Thanks for sharing the story! Love the frock; what a great idea to frame the pattern.

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Clare! Happy Anniversary!! You got married five months ahead of my GB and I ... good year 1992! :0) And we're obviously on the same wavelength, cos my dress was VERY similar, though dark ivory and I had dried Western Australian wildflowers for my bouquet and in my hair. We didn't have an 'official' photographer, just got a few camera-nut friends to snap away ... and I managed to keep track of my shoes! Tee! Hee! Hee! Hope you and your Sweetie enjoy many more years of marital bliss. Bear Hugs! KRIS

At Number 32 said...

Oh that pattern is the very same one I used (part of) for my Textiles Major Work (1995 actually!) You looked lovely, what a great job you did :)
Congrats to you xx have a wonderful week

Tania said...

If it's any consolation, I came down with a migraine during my wedding. Sadly, it was a fairly uneventful wedding night. Ahem

CONGRATULATIONS to you both - couldn't think of anything more logical than a twentieth anniversary honeymoon...

Shay said...

Happy Anniversary Clare and Mr. Clare .

I actually like that dress and you looked utterly gorgeous.

My wedding was pretty casual too. The only photos we got were ones other people took of us with the disposable cameras I left on every table.

Anonymous said...

So smart! Framing the pattern. I made my wedding dress, too. It never occurred to me to frame the pattern. I did, however, make a frame for my invitation out of leftover lace from my dress. Guess that counts. Nah, wish I still had the pattern….

robin :-)

nicole said...

gosh congratulations for two amazing milestones!

Unknown said...

You sure can stick to some things.
Happy Anniversary!

quilary said...

Happy Anniversary!I love your laid back attitude to wedding preparations - it always amazes me at the fuss and excess that seems to pass for weddings these days. I think it's hilarious that you have your dress pattern framed but not a photo of the two of you together!!
Your 25th anniversary gives you plenty of time to work on Mr Craftroom and a belated honeymoon- to quote the old ad "Simon, Tahiti sounds nice".

Mary said...

Happy Annivesary! I have the pattern my wedding dress was made from. My mom made mine. I have made several since then. Thanks for the idea of framing it.

Liz said...

I hope you had a happy day, I think the dress and flowers were beautiful
congrats to both of you.:)


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