Sunday, December 5, 2010

crafting will resume soon , I hope !

This is a very quick post as I'm not sure
how long the internet will last .
Phone , net , and power are all very dodgy at the moment .

Really just wanted to say a HUGE thankyou
to all the nice people that have
emailed me checking how things are going .
You are so thoughtful and I really appreciate it .
I'm sorry I haven't been visiting anyone
or replying but I'm sure you will understand .

We have more rain due on Wednesday ,
if they would just shut the damn highway
I wouldn't have to go to work .

Edited to add , yes Jack did make it
safely home the next day !
He had a great time too .


Janice said...

I think we are all about over the rain. Stay dry. Did Jack get home?

Chookyblue...... said...

why is it when you need them most the net, phone and power are dodgy......I am off work tomorrow as I am not allow in town.......yeh in some sort of good way............not sure how the front paddock is anyway..........and yes more rain forecast for Wed here to.......

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

just raining here again....keep safe Clare...

Joy said...

Still raining here too Clare ... hope it doesn't get too much worse there!!!
Joy :o)

NessaKnits said...

Authorities ... Listen up .. "SHUT THE ******* HIGHWAY" because somebody is going to get hurt because they "have" to go to work. And because Clare said so.

Sue-Anne said...

How is this crazy weather! First we are in drought and now there is flooding everywhere. I hope you and your family remain safe and dry and that the water subsides soon.

blandina said...

Water can be so frightening, it has been raining a lot and it is still raining here in Florence. We can not avoid thinking of the 1966 flood...
Keeping my fingers crossed for you and for us.

Aussie Nanna said...

Take care and stay safe has started raining again here and the forecast is not promising :(
Evacuations in Chookyblue's town now....our business district is pretty wet and quite a few shops and centres closed.

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Wow, that's lots of water. Sounds like Wagga is a wash as well. Love Posie

Shay said...

Good to hear that you're safe and sound -albeit wet!

Melody said...

So glad to hear you are all safe and well.

Maxabella said...

Hope you're safe and soon to be dry. x

Anorina @SameliasMum said...

Take Care Clare. When you say highway, do you mean the Hume?

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Clare. WOW! Such a water view! Might it get into your house? Are you going to have to leave? Take you want to barrow our boat? *grin*

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Been thinking about you Clare everytime we see shots of Gundagai on TV. Hope you are high enough not to be invded by water.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

quilary said...

Hope that water drains away soon. Is the road closed now? so you can get on with the important work of keeping dry and crafting! Thinking of you.

Sarah said...

good to hear you are doing okay and Jack got home (BOYS!)

Allie said...

My goodness - well I hope they close the highway but that your power stays on! Glad to hear Jack got home ok, stay dry, hon...

our shabby cottage said...

Lot's of rain here too, but I must admit we have nothing on you. I hope you are OK and can keep dry.

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Clare,
Wishing you luck to stay dry!

wonderwoman said...

goodness , i didn't realise how awful your weather was, here its snow and ice. Hoping you all stay safe and well.


Kate said...

Stay safe!
There is something so big and scarey about flood waters. They just seem to rtise so suddenly.
I hope Wednesday isn't as bad for any of us as they are predicting.
Sending you lots of dry thoughts.

BusyBsewBiz said...

Just wanted to drop in one more time while the internet is good! It's the day before the big wet is predicted, we were spared here yesterday with it only reaching 9.67 and the levee holding back the water (the levee sprung a leak at Romano's which caused us some momentary panic!) Rumours were going nuts though causing a bit of fear but my husband was sure we were ok and I was saying we'd be fine, while secretly panicking inside! Now our house is being invaded by all kinds of spiders! Apparently this is normal during floods they take refuge...bah!

Baby Clothes said...

Sorry to know that all of you there were in great trouble. It been a bit late to get the news. But I hope you all overcame the problem. Sorry once again.

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