Tuesday, April 22, 2014

let me try again

I'm going to have another go at finishing something
Last year I didn't get finished in time.
The whole sorry saga is here.
Everything needs to be written in my diary , everything.
I am so scattered I never know what my kids
are up to unless I check the diary.
Unfortunately the diary can be lost for days under paint charts
or crochet or just mingled with all the junk at my place.
I also get a bit distracted and madly
start things like this old cupboard.
but I think it turned out ok .
Now I'm off to work on my scarf and think
about the competition.
I wonder really where my kids are............


Farm Gate Creations said...

Your cupboard has turned out great and good luck in the competition.

Kate said...

Your cupboard looks great!

Bron Maxabella said...

Great colour on the cupboard! New life! x

trash said...

Have they turned up yet?