Thursday, November 10, 2011

bye bye bunting

My baby girl is turning 14 this week .

We are having a family tea outside on the verandah
and I am going to decorate it with paper doily bunting.

Not too young , not too old , just lovely !

In the olden days when I was in primary school
we use to make these to decorate the classroom .

Paper doily bunting is great for any occasion
birthday , Christmas and markets .

Bunting and doilies = a perfect mix !


Suz said...

Cute idea - might have to use it one day!

Shay said...

Yep- I love that idea too...I wonder if I could pull it off for Christmas ?

Sue said...

How great this bunting is. I make lots of bunting, you could say I am a big fan but I've never seen any as gorgeous as this before.

Maria said...

the bunting looks lovely and I hope your DD has a wonderful birthday

Two Little Aussie Birds said...

ooo I like that!

Indigo Blue said...

What a great idea. You can buy doilies in all sorts of colours now.
Happy Birthday. My daughter was 9 yesterday and it only seems like yesterday she came into the world.

Ruby & Rose Interiors said...

Such a lovely idea ~ and I love it photographed against the blue. Mx