Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Liar , liar pants on fire !

Please forgive the quality of the photo shown as it was taken under duress .

Get yourself a cuppa and I'll tell you the whole horrible story .

It all began quite innocently as I took myself to my Craftroom to work .

When I got there my buttons called out "sort me , sort me " and so I did .

A long time passed as there were a lot of the little blighters and I became a bit robotic towards the end . Pink , pink, red , blue , scungy one . The scungy ones are the ones that are dull and boring , just plain scungy ! Blue , orange , orange on and on . Finally I finished I thought but I then discovered another two tins of buttons ! I'd really had enough by then and left to rejoin my family because surely they had been missing me . This is where it all started to go wrong .

Somebody asked what I had been doing and I must have still been in a button trance because I told them I had been sorting buttons . Well my husband thought it was probably a good time to point out that quite a few of his shirts were held together with pins and maybe I could sew some buttons on for him . Can you believe the nerve of some people ? What , aren't safety pins good enough for some people ? He has gone for years without buttons what's the big deal now?

Thankfully I came to my senses in time to answer

" Yes , I do have buttons but sorry none to spare !"

As the photo above might be used as evidence against me it will self destruct in sixty seconds !


Dolores said...

LOL, I gotta remember that one! I suppose you could always say you don't have the right colour.

Beena said...

Buttons are EMBELLISHMENTS, and not to be used for matters of practicality, like shirts. Perhaps though, you could always sacrifice a really scungy one if you must, and if the safety pin has gone rusty on your hubby's shirt!!!

RG said...

Nope, I don't see ANY spare buttons... nope!
I know... now come on, safety pins are far more versatile anyway!...lol

What a great job you did, boring and all... Now you'll have to play with your buttons (not spare buttons) in coloured lots!
Great job and thanks for the laugh!

Joy said...

When will they understand?????????
Joy :o)

Barb said...

Funny, I just did apost on buttons too...love your buttons by the way.

Rebecca said...

Very good what a hoot I think safty pins are fine to.
Big Hugs

Jossie said...

Now that's a lot of buttons! Does scungy means 'brown'? And don't husbands all over the world sound just the same? It's like asking Picasso to paint your back door!

Mistea said...

I can't believe some people think buttons actually belong on shirts!! Thanks for the eye candy and the giggle.

miss~nance said...

I TOO Love buttons but why oh why would you put something so precious on a shirt?????????????

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Clare,
My husband also asked for a button to be sewn onto a shirt last week.
When he went to wear it the next day, he pointed out "I hadn't fixed the flap on the pocket".
I suggested I show him how to use the sewing machine.
Ah, I don't do repairs, just make new things!

Jeanette said...

Oh dear me doesn't your hubby realise that buttons are most definately not for shirts. You gave me a good laugh Claire. Hugs, Jeanette

Patrick Foley Plummer said...

Now it was just cruel to tell me to get a cuppa when you already knew how funny this story was going to be. :) Thanks for the early morning giggle.

Patrick Foley Plummer said...

Yikes. Sorry! That wasn't really a guy. I forgot I was on my hubby's computer. This is Groggy Froggy Lisa.

Jackie's Stitches said...

Buttons always look prettier in jars on a shelf than they do on a silly shirt!

Cardygirl said...

If he was a SNAG he would know that he is capable of doing his own buttons...LOL

Audrey said...

That's quite the button collection! LOL
I think safety pins work great!

Karen said...

I say let him choose any button he wants sewn onto his shirt from the jar in the front row - with all the brightly coloured novelty buttons in it!!

Pam said...

Nope, sorry Clare! The evidence is there in all it's glorious colourful guilt!!! ;-D

PVK Devotionals said...

Whatever happened to rolling up the sleeves...lol..you gave me a good laugh today clare. Great post.

Teresa said...

Thanks for the giggle Clare...you always make me smile when I read your blog.. ha ha

Diva Kreszl said...

What a cute story...glad to hear I'm not the only one drwan to 'strange' tasks without warning!

Tammy said...

LOL I love your 'scungy' ones ... what a beautiful array of buttons, I'm sorry to hear you have no spares, I think you had better go buy some more ... I'm sure hubby would understand. ; )

Julie said...

lol. My husband is the same. "Why can't you fix my clothes, I thought you liked sewing". I retaliate, last time I sewed pink buttons on, hey I thought it was funny.

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Oh the nerve of some people... really!! Just tell hubs "thems are craftin' buttons". [giggle]
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Lois said...

Hi Clare!
I must thank you for the laugh.
I really needed it today.
I love your buttons. What a cheerful sight for you when you walk into your craftroom!
As for your hubby and his buttonless shirt I can only say,
Have a great week.

Irishgirlsews said...

Love the hubby's shirt/button story, trust me a jury of your peers would NOT convict you. My poor hubby has had to endure worse, I actually have done mending for friends & family for years and his poor shorts have laid on my sewing chair for well over a year!

Nikki said...

You're asking for trouble Clare. You're playing with button karma by not sewing some buttons on for your husband. Are your really that game..???!!!

Judith Tetley said...

Hi Clare....your button collection is soooo pretty and I agree...there are absolutely none to spare!
Kind Regards

LaurieStar said...

I am still laughing over this post! Give him all the scungy ones! (I have a lot of those too!)
This reminds me of a conversation I had with my girlfriend - she said her husband was on the phone looking for something to write on, and he grabbed one of her MANY scrapbooking papers and of course, she yelled at him. He kept saying: "which one can I take" and the answer of course, was none of them! They are all too pretty for mere telephone notes!

Anonymous said...

I can totally relate to your post Clare I don't know why family think we are here to sew things for them and repair stuff! Don't they realise we have important stuff to do like sorting buttons, touching fabric in the stash, playing with ric-rac,putting wool on our face to feel it's softnesss...............

Robyn said...

Definately not - what doesn't he like pins in his shirts????

Next time you want to play with buttons I'll send my DD to you - she'll get them all colour co-ordinated for you!

Karen's Korner said...

I thought I had arrived in a lolly shop. They certainly are eye candy. Fancy wasting one of those on a shirt - the cheek!

Natalie Ross said...

LOL That is SEW funny Clare! What was he thinking!!!Doesn't he know that all buttons are sacred and worshipped daily amongst us gals and are our coat of arms for "Secret womens business"!.....am I getting a bit carried away???? I have a soap box made out of buttons!!! LOL

Nat 8-)

Jean said...

I love this story!!! He could always go buy some new shirts if he doesn't like safety pins.
Awesome button collection

Amy said...

Lol, I am ALWAYS saying things are going to destruct in 60 seconds...

Bec @ honi design said...

Must be soemthing in the air!! I colour coded all my buttons AND thread the other day!! It was like a complusion that I just HAD to do!
The Hubbythought I was downright loopy for doing it!

Carla said...

So funny. Most of mine are on cards and I don't want to take them off.

sewing the seeds of love said...

Hi Clare,
thanks for visiting my blog , and leaving a comment, because I then got to come and have a look at your blog..and got to read this post ! Hilarious...men...they just don't get it !
Very jealous of your beautiful button collection...
x PJ x

XUE said...

Ha! Ha! I totally so understand this!

Anne said...

Thanks for the giggle, and it does tell me I'm not different. I sorted all my buttons too, last year!! :)

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